10 Best Photo Editors for iPhone and iPad

With the advent of social networks and the search for the most popular photos, many photo editing applications have appeared on the iPhone and iPad. That’s why we put together a list of the 10 best picture changing apps available on iOS and iPadOS.

These options are suitable for users who are looking for professional features and want a simple application but with many additional manipulation and editing options. For the list, Canaltech took into account App Store ratings, public perception of the brand, and differences related to the photo app’s native editor. Check out the full selection below.

1. Adobe Lightroom


  • Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

With all the weight of the Adobe brand, Lightroom is one of the best photo editing apps. Combining basic and advanced features, it’s a great toolbox that lets you control nearly every aspect of your photos while editing.

Plus, it has excellent media management features that ensure your photos are positioned in a well-organized, intuitive, and visually appealing structure. Using Lightroom requires a paid subscription to Adobe, but you can try it for free for 30 days.

2. Ultralight


Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

Ultralight is a great photo editing app. It offers very precise controls to edit lighting and color combinations, and the interface is very light and intuitive.

Additionally, there are several presets that allow you to control certain aspects of your image almost automatically, such as B. Perspective Correction and Background Blur. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of basic and advanced, Ultralight is ideal, both for those who don’t want to do a lot of work, and for those who like to delve into the nuances of such operations.

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3. Priime


  • Compatibility: iPhone

Photographers and adventurers of camera click art should have this app in their photo editing library. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the app offers advanced photo editing features and features a smart suggestion feature that uses an advanced algorithm capable of detecting the ideal fix for each situation.

Because custom filters can change the final composition of a photo, the edits can give your photos more color and more detail. This complete package is available as a highly recommended affordable app on the App Store.



  • Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

One of the most recommended and admired apps in the App Store, VSCO features custom features and predefined fixes that are a great addition to adding more expressiveness to your images, including an extensive range of texture effects Library to simulate analog movies from different brands.

All its features are set in a simple interface on iPhone and iPad. Use the free version to meet the number of available resources. Subscribing to the app gives you access to an extensive preset library and advanced tools such as split tones. It’s worth trying this editor to integrate your social media scene.

5. Loopsie – 3D Photo Camera


  • Compatibility: iPhone

Loopsie’s 3D photo editing tools are impressive. Photos edited with 3D effects in the app come to life with realistic animations, up to the user’s creativity. Other effects include adding predefined stickers, very professional filters and general adjustments.

All the features provided by Loopsie are worth testing and using. The app has some free features that use watermarks. Still, you can test the depth effect and share photos to show your friends on Instagram.

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6. FilmoraGo – Photo Editor


  • Compatibility: iPhone

With over 80 million downloads on the App Store, FilmoraGo couldn’t help but be included in the list of the best photo editors for iPhone. The app is easy to use and has a variety of features that allow users to unleash their creativity.

One of the highlights is the Double Take feature for iPhone 12 and later, which allows video from the front and rear cameras to be viewed on FilmoraGo’s split screen.

After recording, it enables picture-in-picture (PIP) editing with all available editing functions. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Take this opportunity to capture photos and videos with your iPhone’s two cameras and use editing tools at any time.

7. Darkroom


  • Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

Darkroom holds the well-deserved title of the App Store’s Best App of 2015 and the Best Design App of 2020. It has advanced professional tools and a simple user interface for those who love their photos taken with their iPhone and iPad, and more want to bring them to life, and it continues its notoriety as a mandatory member of lists and photo editors for you test.

In addition, Darkroom can be synced between iOS, iPadOS and macOS systems, and all the latest editing features and photos can be automatically shared between devices.

The app is free to use basic functionality that already provides users with plenty of photo editing options. For those who want more advanced features, your subscription comes with curves and optional color tools, a veritable library of features.

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8. Adobe Photoshop Express (iPhone) and Adobe Photoshop (iPad)


  • Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

One of the leading photo editors among professionals and photography enthusiasts, Photoshop is available in various versions on Apple’s mobile devices. For the iPhone, Adobe offers the Photoshop Express photo editor, which allows for very creative blending effects, RAW photo corrections, advanced lighting adjustments, eye corrections, collages, and more.

The version of Photoshop for iPad is more advanced and takes advantage of the device, such as a larger screen and the use of the Apple Pencil. Using the app, you can edit images, combine images, use masks and use many of the features you use on your computer, and share PSD files from two devices on the cloud.

Both apps have paid versions, but the iOS version lets you enjoy some basic features for free. iPads, on the other hand, do not allow the app to be used without purchasing a subscription packages.

9. Affinity Designer (iPad)


  • Compatibility: iPad

If you’re looking for a powerful desktop app for design and vector editing on the iPad, you need to check out Affinity Design. Designed by image editing experts, the app won an Apple Design Award for its ability to create an immersive experience when creating vector illustrations.

The app also harnesses the potential of the Apple Pencil to give users greater precision when applying effects and adjustments to vectorization, branding, UI/UX structure, typography, print projects, and other assets.

All projects are synced to the cloud via iCloud Drive for file management, storage and sharing. Its value can be considered high by app store standards, but the payment is one-time, non-subscription. Put all the professional features of the desktop editor at your fingertips.

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10. Snapseed


  • Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

The last tip for today is Snapseed, an app that combines useful functionality in a simple, clean, and very elegant interface. It lets you apply dozens of filters to your images, but it also has tools for editing on other layers.

This lets you control technical adjustments like brightness, color and contrast, as well as adjust focus, lighting, shadows, and more. It offers brushes, crop tools, selective borage, and repair tools, all of which combine to form a powerful photo editing application.