10 Microsoft apps to install on any phone

Microsoft’s experience with its own mobile operating system isn’t long, as support for Windows Mobile ended at the end of 2019. On the other hand, the company has a strong influence on the app market, offering software and services for Android and iOS.

Many features appear as replacements for apps developed by Google and Apple. In addition to the options in Windows, such as the Office suite and the Edge browser, there are some Microsoft options that are unique to the phone. Check out the best apps available!

1. Microsoft Authenticator


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

The company has its own two-factor authentication app. The platform creates a six-digit numeric code that updates every minute and can be used to log into various services: Microsoft accounts, corporate accounts and social media profiles are some examples.

The process is very similar to that of Google Authenticator, which also uses the same six-digit token method. Microsoft Authenticator can also act as a password manager when synced with data stored in Microsoft Edge.

To enable two-factor authentication through the app, a QR code generated from the service settings page must be scanned. After scanning the code, Microsoft Authenticator now provides a six-digit code for access.

2. Microsoft Edge


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

The Internet Explorer alternative on your computer also has a fully functional mobile version. Features like creating site collections, syncing, different search methods, and customizing menus are some of the highlights of Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS.

Sync options are varied, including the option to import history, saved passwords, autocomplete, and other options from your profile in Edge for PC. So the integration between computer and mobile is an interesting feature for those who already use a browser on one of their devices.

Edge also provides options to control your privacy while using it. You can enable InPrivate mode that does not save browsing data and enable tracker blockers on websites you visit.

3. Microsoft Teams


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

Teams has become Microsoft’s leading tool for meetings and video conferencing. In addition to its corporate appeal, the app has also gained the ability to use it with friends and family, with a focus on remote work and various options for live calling.

For example, in the workspace, the platform offers features like update feeds, an interactive calendar for planning meetings and entering deadlines, the ability to create to-do lists, and finally, classic audio and video conferencing. Teams can be used as collaboration tools and shared with other employees.

For private use, the tool includes chat or video calling options and the ability to create specific groups for family and friends. Contacts in Calendar can be granted permission to find profiles.

4. Microsoft Office


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

Word, Excel and Powerpoint all have their own mobile apps. However, if you frequently need to use multiple Microsoft Office platforms, another option is to download Service Hub. The app quickly creates text, spreadsheets, notes and tables via cloud storage.

Office applications draw attention to the number of features available. In addition to creating files for major services, it can also be used to convert images to text or spreadsheets, scan documents, scan QR codes, and transfer files between computers and mobile phones.

All products in Office applications are stored in the cloud by OneDrive. If you need to expand your storage, one option is to subscribe to Office 365 with up to 1TB of storage and more customizable template options.

5. Microsoft Lens


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

Lens is a powerful mobile phone camera scanning and document scanning tool. The application has special functions for different document formats such as invoices, business cards and spreadsheets, which can adjust the results according to the situation.

One of Lens’ most interesting features is the ability to export text to your phone’s clipboard. Just point the camera and choose the appropriate action. To scan documents, you need to align the camera and then profile the edges of the document.

Results can be saved in various formats such as PDF files, Word text and spreadsheets. You can choose to save them to your device or to your OneDrive account for cloud access.

6. Microsoft OneDrive


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

Already mentioned in this list, OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service and an alternative to Google Drive and iCloud. The platform’s free plan offers 5 GB of usage space, with the ability to expand that to 1 TB per person in the paid version.

OneDrive provides the primary options needed to store files in the cloud and back them up to mobile devices. All you have to do is move the required files to the platform and wait for sync. To protect certain files, the app offers a personal safe feature: a secure folder accessed with a password.

OneDrive can also be used to store your photos. With the mobile app, you can automatically sync photos and videos from your device’s camera to access files from other devices.

7. Microsoft OneNote


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

Need an app to take quick notes? OneNote is an option. The application is versatile and has functions for different annotation and text needs: it acts as a notepad, offers the possibility to create lists, contains attachments and offers self-adhesive notes.

In the application, all your notes can be organized between folders and bookmarks. When creating a file, the editing tool offers options for formatting text, inserting images and brushes for drawings. Therefore, the application is very useful for concentrating multiple annotations in a single document.

OneNote notes are also synchronized for access in the Microsoft Office application. On Android, the application has widgets for the home screen, with quick access to new documents.

8. Microsoft To Do


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free of charge

To Do is Microsoft’s application for creating to-do lists and a good indication not to forget any deadlines or obligations. The organization tool compiles lists, projects, reminders and tasks in one place, with synchronization options between devices.

The app allows you to create lists with all your tasks in your routine. In addition to the option to mark them as complete, there are options to configure the frequency of activities and receive reminders in the form of notification. If you also want to develop a project with weekly and monthly objectives, To Do also has a specific area to enter this information.

All tasks are available in the “My Day” tab. The app can be customized with Microsoft wallpapers and theme options in different colors.

9. Microsoft Launcher


  • Compatibility: Android
  • Price: free of charge

Launchers are applications that modify the home screen and Android app drawer. One of the most prominent apps in the segment is Microsoft Launcher, which brings a new identity to the main screen of your device.

Microsoft Launcher has its own wallpapers, updated daily through an integration with Bing. The application rearranges the main screen icons and toggles the view of the library of installed apps. There are many customization tools, with new fonts, different grids and themes available for use.

One of the highlights of Microsoft’s Launcher is the creation of a custom feed for the user. With the service account connected, this area brings the main notes, reminders and events saved in your profile. The feed also has a news area, which can be customized with your favorite themes.

10. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard


  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free of charge

SwiftKey is Microsoft’s official keyboard for mobile phones. Designed to provide intelligent writing, the keyboard uses machine learning to recognize each user’s writing style and offer suggestions faster.

The keyboard is downloaded as an application form and needs to be configured as the main option on the device. With the Microsoft account, you can synchronize your preferences with other devices and add new languages to the spell checker.

SwiftKey provides search engines for GIFs, stickers and clipboard. In addition, it can be customized with themes of various colors, which are downloaded from the application settings.