10 must-have iPhone hacks you need to know

IPhone is full of tricks, and there’s always something new to learn. Some we know about in iOS system updates, some have been around for years and few Apple users know and use.

Discover 10 interesting and lesser-known iPhone tricks in this article:

1. Navigate the iPhone’s hidden shortcuts screen

No more scrolling up: When browsing long pages, use this trick to get back to the top of the screen: Tap your finger on the top area of ​​the device, above the screen where the front-facing camera is. The page immediately crawls everything back to the top.

Need to go back to a more specific area in the middle of the text instead of the top of the screen? Here’s a trick too: don’t go up slowly, but behind what you’re looking for, hold and press tap on the right sidebar of your device’s screen, where the scroll bar is.

That way, when you hold the tap, it’s fixed to your finger. Drag it up or down and scroll the entire page to find what you’re looking for.

2. Use your keyboard’s space bar as a “trackpad” on your iPhone


When writing text in any iPhone app, having to delete complete and pre-made sentences and just have to adjust a few misspellings or grammar that you forgot about is a huge pain. That’s why the trick to using the keyboard surface like you use the iPhone “trackpad” is so important.

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By clicking and clicking in the keyboard area, you can go through the entire text and place the typing cursor anywhere in the text, correcting careless mistakes without having to clean up everything you’ve already written.

3. Edit prints with perfect auto-shape

In the editing function that appears in the lower left corner when taking a screenshot of the iPhone screen, there are some interesting functions to adjust the image.

When you use the pen feature to draw familiar shapes like circles, triangles, or hearts, iPhone recognizes the pattern you’re drawing and automatically replaces the lines with perfect markers. But if you don’t like it and prefer it, just click the back icon at the top center of the screen.

Well-known shapes that iPhone can automatically recognize and replace include circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, stars, and hearts.

4. One-click to capture the entire page

If you’re using Safari to browse the web (such as news articles, news articles, or similar) and want to take a screenshot of everything, just take a screenshot and in the printout that appears, select the – On Screen Full Page tab below the left corner.

However, the file is not an image, but a PDF. So, if you want to save them to your device, you need to save them in the Files app on your iPhone or a similar app that supports it, like B. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

However, you can choose not to save the screenshot and send it directly to others. To do so, just click the share icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open the share screen – in addition to multiple uses, you’ll get a list of people and conversations that suggest you send a print.

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5. Clear iPhone Calculator Errors


Do you usually delete your entire account when you enter the wrong number? Stop wasting time. The iOS calculator has a simple trick to make your life easier: You can delete the last number entered in your account by simply swiping your finger from left to right on the number pad.

This allows you to quickly get back into your account without having to click “AC” again to clear everything on the screen and start over.

6. Use Safari Reader Preview Mode

Did you know you can change the background color of articles, messages, and general text content in Safari? And the font and font size of the text? For readability, turn on reader preview mode.

Visit a website with text content (news articles, general news) from Safari, click the “aA” icon next to the URL in the upper-left corner of the screen, and then click Preview Reader.

Using this feature, you can increase or decrease the text font, change the font among the 9 options provided by Safari, or change the website background color to white, sepia, dark gray or black.

7. Start a timer while listening to music

For those who often listen to sleep music, enabling a timer to turn off the sound is a good option. While the music is playing, go to the Clock app > Timer > set your timer time and click “When done”.

On the next screen, scroll all the way down and select “Quit Game”. When the timer you configure expires, it will automatically stop music playback, no matter which app the playback is from.

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8. Hide Media from iPhone Camera Roll

If you have media – be it photos, videos, or screenshots – that you can’t easily access in your Camera Roll but don’t want to delete, the Hide Items feature is a good idea. Select the media you want to hide, click the icon in the lower left corner to open the options window and select “Hide” – you will find that the selected media will disappear from your iPhone’s camera roll.

On the Home screen of the Photos app, scroll down and look for “Hidden Items” – this is where all your hidden media is located. To make them appear in your iPhone’s Camera Roll again, follow the same process: select the media you want to hide, click the icon in the lower left corner to open the options window, and select “Do Not Hide.”

10. Enable One-Handed Keyboard on iPhone


For those who tend to type even when one hand is busy, there is a rarely used feature, the one-handed keyboard. In iPhone settings, go to General > Keyboard > One-Handed Keyboard > choose whether to activate left or right and turn on the keyboard to test.

Another, easier way to access it without going into settings is to press the globe or emoji icon on your keyboard. An options window will open, offering left-handed, right-handed, or return to normal keyboard options.

To return to normal size, there is a white arrow on the other side of the keyboard – click it to fully open the keyboard. To easily turn the one-handed keyboard back on, press and hold the circular icon for a few seconds to see the keyboard options on either side.

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