15 Best Apps for Editing Photos on Android

Check out our recommendations for free, paid and in-app payments so you can always edit your photos in the best way possible!

With the boom in social networking and the high-tech of smartphones, the posting of photos is one of the things that most excite users. Many of them need some kind of treatment, and nothing beats a photo editing app. Today we’re taking a look at 15 of the best apps for editing photos on Android devices. The different brands that include it include Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola and many others. Let’s check the list!

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an advanced and complete photo editing application. It has several features that you can use for free and make sure your photos look professional. One of the features of the desktop version is the ability to batch edit photos.

The app is recommended to the public as it has photo retouching tools and filter profiles that can be applied with just one tap. These predefined filters adjust the color and other aspects of your photos, giving them a professional and minimalist look.

Adobe Lightroom has important tools for editing photos on Android with ease and high quality: there are settings for changing the contrast curve, color, exposure and tone of the photo. Clarity, texture and dehazing adjustments can also be used to enhance every detail of the image. The app works best on some Android devices, and it does this with unique exposure and aperture controls for wide-angle or telephoto lenses, as well as advanced shooting modes like RAW, Professional, and HDR depending on available resources . on any smartphone.

A premium version of the photo editor is available in the app with many tools such as:

  • Healing Brush: tool to remove unwanted objects from photos;
  • Selective Adjustments: designed to edit photos more precisely;
  • Geometry: Create very sharp photos by correcting the perspective of the image using various control tools;
  • RAW Editing: This tool allows you to edit photos imported directly from DSLR (professional) or mirrorless cameras;
  • Bulk Editing: To optimize the user’s life, this feature applies the same profile used in the edited photo to other selected photos.
  • Adobe Sensei: Use artificial intelligence to organize and position all of your photos based on objects and people. For example, if you search for “mountain”, the tool will display all images that contain that element.
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Download Adobe Lightroom for free to edit photos. If you are interested in using the premium version of the tool, just visit and subscribe to the app. You can try a 7-day premium subscription for free.




Recommended for editing photos with a variety of high-quality filters, Afterlight is one of the best apps in the field, along with other tools like film textures and precise editing capabilities. While it’s a free app, the standard photo editing tools are paid, and only some features like brightness, contrast, and vibration are free. Lighting settings and color offsets can also be changed, with the ability to choose the intensity of each effect.



Canva is considered the most widely used free image editor for graphic designers, allowing you to easily create stunning images from photos and videos. Recommended for regular and professional users. Using the photo editor, you can create different types of designs, such as Instagram stories, logos, and even invitations. All your creations are saved in your account, and you can edit photos on your Android device, tablet or computer.

Using the app is easy: choose a free template, use an image of your choice, add text with different font options and apply effects to edit high-quality photos. With Canva, you can create Instagram Stories, Facebook posts and covers, Twitter banners and YouTube video thumbnails, cards, invitations and montages for general use. Can be created for digital and print use.

For unlimited access to all features – including 60 million images, 1000+ text fonts, animations and more – just subscribe to the Pro version. You can try the Pro version for free for 14 days before subscribing.

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Darkroom is an easy-to-use photo and video editor recommended for amateur or casual photographers, but also for professionals. The app has several very interesting features, one of which is portrait blur. With it, you can edit the foreground and background of an image separately, and edit saturation, contrast or brightness. RAW photo editing also lets you preserve full image resolution and restore detail in highlights and shadows.

Although the app offers several filters – free and premium – you can use them as normal and even change them to suit your needs. There is also an option to keep photos. All edited photos are immediately available on your smartphone. If you’re the type that needs to do batch editing, you can also use the batch function to edit two or more images at once. Darkroom is also available on tablets running the Android operating system.



Instagram is the world’s most popular social network for images, and its app has an image editor that not only lets you customize the photos in your publications, but also saves them for use in other apps. Recommended for quick and easy photo editing, Instagram has 24 preset filters and a Lux mode for adjusting the brightness of your photos.

In the Edit tab, you can adjust perspective, brightness, contrast, structure (sharpness), invert the photo, color temperature, saturation, change color, and other easy-to-use adjustment tools. To use the app, just download it from the Google Play Store and create a free account on the social network. Then enjoy Reels’ posts, stories, lives, and videos.

Photoshop Express


Continuing our list, Photoshop Express is the mobile version of the most popular photo editor that lets you edit photos quickly, easily, and creatively. This photo editor for Android is recommended for casual and professional users. This photo app is designed to transform your images by applying professional style with perspective correction, color and tone correction, noise or blemishes.

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Adobe applications have several filters and effects, such as B. Black and White, Portrait, Natural, and Two-tone modes. You can also use blend effects to expand the gamma, increasing the color temperature and vibrancy of your photos. Also, you can create collages, add borders and text, quickly fix photos such as B. remove red eye, apply blur, remove noise and blemishes.

Photoshop Express is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. If desired, you can purchase the premium version and access all features. You can try the premium version of the app for free for 3 days and use all the tools to edit your photos.



With PicsArt, users have a photo and video editor at their fingertips with effects, drawing tools, image editor, collage maker, photo filters, video editor and many other features. This app is recommended for regular users and is one of the best apps for creating stickers and doing all kinds of editing (crop, stretch, clone). Additionally, the video editor has tools to apply filters and other effects.

Another fun photo editing tool is the Replay feature, which records all the steps you apply to your photos and applies them to future images with just one click, which is very useful when you want to keep things in style. Plus, the Sketch tool turns your selfies into hand-drawn drawings, automatically detecting the contours of your face and creating beautiful sketches.

The Gold Edition removes ads, allows access to thousands of premium stickers, fonts, frames, collages and masks, and is available with in-app purchases, including the ability to try it for free for 7 days.



Now let’s look at the Retrica application. In it, you’ll find nearly 200 different filters that you can apply to your photos before taking them. For example, if you like a filter, you can leave it on the screen, compose the image however you want, and then take the photo, rather than applying the effect after the photo is taken. This application is recommended for photographers’ profiles: amateurs and professionals.

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There’s also an “Inspiration” feature in Retrica that can help you get a better handle on your application. For example, there’s the “Visor” tool, which allows users to better share changes made, and “Perception,” a simpler, more intuitive tutorial for a better understanding of lighting, color, and how to make great Take a photo in the app. The app will be updated with new filters from time to time, and a premium subscription gives you unlimited access to all filters.



SKRWT is an app with very useful tools for correcting smartphone lenses and giving photos incredible symmetry. The application is a powerful tool in terms of symmetry and quality, which guarantees practicality and professionalism in editing photos.

SKRWT corrects horizontal and vertical lines and adjusts lens distortion, useful for photos taken with your GoPro. The tool can also automatically crop photos with the help of artificial intelligence, choose the best angle and provide a realistic feel of perfect symmetry.

Another important feature is “4PNTS” that corrects photo perspective. With it, you can adjust the corners of your images intuitively, easily and absolutely professionally. The “MRRW” tool built into the Photos app features four high-precision mirror effects that give your photos a completely creative style and exceptional quality. The SKWRT app does not have a free version and is available on the Google Play Store for $1.99.



Google’s completely free photo editor, Snapseed, is a complete and professional app with 29 tools and filters, including corrections, brushes, textures, HDR and perspective. The app also contains tips and advice to improve your experience with these tools, and you can check out Showmetech’s tutorial on preparing to tweak with Snapseed.

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Recommended for professional editing and objective and fast editing, this editor is compatible with RAW photos, tools with brushes, remove objects in photos, brighten photos, add text to photos, predefined filters, HDR effects, retro , among others. Snapseed is considered the best completely free photo editing app, just download it from the Google Play Store to use it.

Sok edit


In the “unrealistic” field of photo editing, let’s take a look at what sok-edit is capable of. It’s a very simple and intuitive photo editing app with a rather cartoony design and layout. Developed by Sokpop Collective, this app features a set of filters and functions for applying slightly different effects than we’ve seen in other apps. This application can still be used on tablets with the Android operating system.

Sok-edit is primarily recommended for amateur photographers, but nothing stops professional photographers from using it, especially when it comes to providing clients with precise photo manipulation. As the app itself says, “Children, Legal Teens and Adults” is another recommended audience. In the free version you will find several very interesting filters, but in the premium version the filters are unlimited, including watermark removal.

Touch retouch


TouchRetouch is a powerful photo editor that removes all kinds of unwanted objects from your photos and gives you all the tools to effectively remove unwanted content from your smartphone.

TouchRetouch is recommended to all viewers, it is the best app in 2020 to remove unwanted objects from photos such as cables, poles and wires, remove scratches and cracks from surfaces, remove people, remove acne from skin and blobs, as well as removing general objects such as street signs and traffic lights. Editing photos with this app is very easy due to its usefulness.

The work of the spot removal tool is very simple, just click on the area you want and the blemishes will be permanently removed. Another tool in photo editing apps is line removal. With a simple touch, applications can easily locate objects. If you want to erase part of the line, just select the option to mark the line segment and the photo editor will only erase the selected part.

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The third important image editing tool is Delete Object, which removes content in an easy way. You can also use Stamp Clone to remove imperfections or duplicate objects by adjusting the opacity and radius of the stamp. If you have questions about using the available tools, TouchRetouch also provides tutorials with embedded videos and instructions on how to use each feature.



With this app you can create cards with stunning graphics and automatically convert your text and photos into beautiful print designs. Typorama is recommended for casual and professional users, it saves a lot of time by automatically creating text layouts with different fonts and effects. Just choose a background, enter your text, write on the photo and your work will appear.

Using a variety of tools, you can create various layouts for typographic text, posts on social networks, brochures, posters, and more. The app includes more than 100 fonts and alphabets and other design-enhancing elements. You can also distort parts of text and overlay them on top of other elements, a powerful feature for creating watermarks and logos.

In the Pro version, users have access to new text styles and unlimited access to all features available in the app. You can also try the Pro version for free for 3 days.



An app created to create stories with minimalistic and elegant templates on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Recommended for digital influencers, Unfold’s features will make your life easier.

The video editor has 25 templates to choose from, 5 fonts and tools to edit your text, the ability to export artwork created in the highest quality to other platforms and social networks, the ability to apply colors and textures after writing your story. If you want to edit photos with 100+ layout templates, get early access to new collections and releases, and exclusive designs, just subscribe to Unfold+ for a free 7-day subscription.

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VSCO is one of the most comprehensive photo editing tools. With VSCO, you will be allow to edit videos and photos creatively. Recommended for professionals and regular users who want to use different filters, VSCO can do wonders in your photos and videos as it is considered the best paid app in terms of features and filters. While testing, you can access the tools of this photo app, such as: B. Color and tone filters with great effects, and 10 free presets to apply to your photos.

VSCO has basic settings for editing photos such as: Contrast, Sharpness, Crop, Highlights, Temperature, Grain, Fade, etc. But worth mentioning here is the shadow adjustment, which allows you to light up only the dark parts of a photo and keep the brightness of the already bright parts without negatively affecting the photo’s “popping”.

Fading, which removes the contrast of shadows in photos and creates a faded effect in photos. This photo editor also has a shadow toning correction filter, in case the photo is too cold, apply a purple or orange tint to balance the colors.

If the user is interested in subscribing to the premium version of the app, he has access to advanced photo editing tools with access to 200 predefined editing profiles, as well as film retro visual effects from Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and others. Also, in the premium version, there is a video editor with multiple filters and advanced image editing tools.

VSCO is a complete tool, but the app subscription offers more features and presets, and you can try it for free for 7 days. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.