25 Android tips and tricks to make any smartphone better

We’ve picked 25 Android tips and tricks that can make any smartphone better, including how to change your Google Assistant voice, screen splits, app pinning, and more

In this article, we list 25 of the best and funniest Android tips and tricks that will improve any smartphone. Google’s operating system is one of the most versatile and is present in most phones today. With its first release on mobile devices in 2008, Android has been responsible for shaping the way we interact with our smartphones and has received several updates over the years, today is the Android 11 release and has switched to the next with the Android 12 beta Version.

While different versions bring changes to the native system, most of the Android tricks described in this article can be performed with very similar steps to those mentioned above. So, follow, try and share these more than just helpful Android phone tips and tricks to help you get more control over your phone.

Use split screen

Like the iPad, an Android phone can split screen and use two apps at the same time. To do this, with the app open, drag up and click the app icon to access the split screen options. At this point, select the second app you want to use at the same time, and you can resize its display. For some phones, this tooltip can also be activated by a gesture, such as B. By swiping from left to center and then left.

Find your phone

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There might be a day when you forget or need to know where your Android phone or device is. To find it over the web, go to Google’s Find My Device page with the same Google account you’re signed in to, and you’ll have the ability to play a sound, log out, a map showing the approximate location of your device, and a blocked message on the screen, Even wipe the device.

Print a website in PDF format

To print a website in PDF format, while viewing the page, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select Share. Select Print from the options displayed on the bottom tab, then a button to activate the “Save as PDF” printer.

Listen to music on YouTube with the lock screen

Unlike an iPhone, listening to YouTube on an Android phone with a locked screen is not a simple feature. However, there is a way to do this. Open YouTube in Google Chrome browser and select PC display mode. When you press play and lock the screen, you will see an option with a button to play the sound. Note, however, that Google Chrome notifications must be enabled to use this feature.

Leave a message on the locked screen

This is important if you lose your phone and need to be contacted at the phone number or email displayed on the device’s screen. To do this, go to settings, select screen and lock screen. In this section, there is an option to add text to the lock screen. Click it and leave your message.

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Add files on the home screen

With Google Drive, we can save a file, for example, upload a PDF and paste it to the desktop in options, by selecting Add to Home Screen for quick and easy access.

Reopen closed notifications


Sometimes we just inadvertently swipe the screen and miss some notifications on our phone. However, if you go into notification settings, you’ll see a list of notifications that have been dismissed recently, and another that shows notifications that have been dismissed within the last 24 hours.

One-click access to all quick settings

Sometimes when we visit the quick settings and swipe down from the top of the mobile screen, we see an overview screen with the most important shortcuts, followed by the latest notifications. To access Quick Settings and view the first full tab of an item, swipe down from the top with two fingers.

Fixed application

With Android App Fixer, you can lend your phone to someone and only use the apps that are currently displayed. To do this, click the app icon on the locked apps screen and select Pin. If you want to go back, swipe up from the bottom and hold to turn off the screen and ask for your passcode. This feature can be enabled in the device’s security settings and can be found under app pinning and window badges.

Allow guest access

To give guests wider access to their phone as if it were a new login on a PC – it only provides native apps and doesn’t configure their passwords and settings – first enable in Configuration > System > Advanced > This sets multiple users. Once done, the profile toggle icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the full quick settings screen. You can add different logins on your phone and even grant access to anonymous guests right from the lock screen.

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Navigate easily between tabs

Switching tabs in mobile browsers can be very annoying. Clicking the box next to a link and selecting another page in the list is not only a two-step process, but it also requires placing your finger in an inconvenient place on Android phones, especially those with larger screens. One tip is to swipe sideways on the link bar to switch between tabs in the list.

Quickly access content within the app


To access files or options in an app without opening them, first tap and hold the app you want, and a list of options will appear. Clicking on the desired option will take you directly to the selected file or function. Simple and practical!

Record phone screen


The screen recording option is native to Android phones, but difficult to access. You can find them in your phone’s quick settings. To do this, drag down from the top and click the screen recording icon. If it’s not in the list, add it by clicking on the pencil and dragging the desired icon.

Manage mobile applications on the desktop

For example, did you know that you can remotely download and delete apps from your phone from your PC? Note that if you’re signed in to your Google Account, you can install or remove apps from the Google Play website without accessing your phone.

Change color and size function

In Android, there are many ways to change basic features like color correction and font size. To use them and make your life more comfortable, go to Accessibility in your phone settings, you can use available features like display size and fonts, dark theme and color correction. The latter allows three types of colorblindness to be corrected in the palette.

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Add widgets to your home screen

To access the app’s functionality directly from your mobile home screen without opening it, we recommend using widgets. Widgets provide access outside the app and provide direct guidance to specific web pages or directions on Google Maps, as well as several other pre-selected tasks that can be performed in different apps. To add them to your home screen, hold and press to bring up the Widgets option, then select the app and run the command directly when open.

Change the Google Assistant’s voice

The virtual assistant from OK Google can do several things, but one that probably few people know about is changing your voice. This option is only available for a few languages, such as B. Portuguese from Portugal, American English, and German, to name a few. To access the feature, go to Google Assistant settings (Google > … > Settings > Google Assistant) and search for Assistant Voice.

Discover music with the Google Assistant


Another fun tip for working with Google Assistant is discovering a song through the feature. After activating Assistant, say “What song is this?” via its button or by calling “OK Google”. And play, play, or even hum any song you can’t remember the name of but want to figure out, with a list of options.

Share by Nearby (Share Nearby)

Similar to Apple’s AirDrop, a new way to share files between Android phones is through the Proximity Share feature. With it, you can share files or apps with another nearby phone with just a few clicks. After selecting the file and clicking Share, select the Nearby option to have nearby visible phones appear in the list and selected for transfer. No internet connection required, but Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location must be activated. This option can also be accessed via: Settings > Connected Devices > Connection Settings > Share via Proximity.

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Redial last call

Functions like the redial key on a traditional phone. To redial the last call on your Android phone, select the digitizer and press and hold the green call button so the last number dialed is displayed. Simple and practical!

Unlock your phone with a new method

Enrolling a new fingerprint or using face unlock can be a new way to unlock your phone, making it more convenient when quickly turning on the screen. Both options are available in your device’s security settings, including the option you can enable automatic unlocking in safe places (like home) through the Smart Lock options (Settings > Security > Device Security > Smart Lock).

Use chat bubbles

The chat bubbles feature natively available in Android 11 is great for accessing different conversations without having to open each app individually. To make it available, you need to enable the Balloons section in Notification Settings (Configuration > Apps & Notifications > Notifications > Balloons). The feature works with some apps like Telegram and Messenger, and bubbles can be created by clicking the icon to the right of chat notifications.

Mirror phone screen to TV


One of the most interesting features of your phone is mirroring your screen to your TV, so you can get videos of everything your phone has to offer on the big screen. This feature is available via the Cast button, also known as Smart View or Screen Cast, depending on the manufacturer. It can be activated in Connection Settings (Configuration > Connected Devices > Connection Settings > Casting) or in Quick Settings.

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Enable developer mode

One of the secrets of an Android phone is the ability to enable developer mode. In it, you can use the display screen touch, USB settings, display error reports, a list of RAM used by each application, and more. To activate it, go to Configuration, then to Phone so you can click the version number at the bottom of the screen several times in a row. After enabling the mode, select System Settings, then Developer Options.

Activate Cat Games (Cat Control)

The official “bugs” of Android 11 cannot be missing from this list! To enable it, go to the About phone option in settings and click it repeatedly from the list that says Android 11 so that the clock appears on the screen. At this point, you need to rotate and return the pointer 3 times in a row so that a kitten appears under it. get ready! Once enabled, Cat Control can be added by pressing and holding the power button and selecting Device Controls. In it, you can add controls to fill food bowls, water bowls and use toys to attract more and more cats to your collection!