300 Google Assistant voice commands you should know

The Virtual Assistant technology developed by Google has received several updates over the years. One of the major improvements since its release in 2016 has been a significant increase in the number of commands that can be assigned to wizards.

Over 250 commands by the phrase “OK! Google”. The assistant’s bet on a tool to provide users with faster and more convenient interactions has cemented the technology as one of the best in the virtual assistant space on the market.

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From this perspective, virtual assistants can be useful tools in your daily tasks, making certain activities more practical. With “Okay! Google,” you can search for the weather, set alarms, play music, read news, record audio, and even chat with A.I.

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In addition, Google Assistant also supports interaction between smart devices such as smartphones, speakers, smart TVs, lamps, in-vehicle displays, etc. This allows users to use voice commands to turn on the lights in a specific room, transfer what they are viewing from one device to another without pressing any buttons, or even make a phone call.

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In this way, the wizard has many interesting features that users sometimes don’t know about. Check out some of the commands you can use with the Google Assistant today.

300 Google Assistant commands in English

To use a command in the Google Assistant, just say “OK! Google”, and the wizard starts and you can complete the command with one of the following sentences, such as B, “Okay! Google, how is the traffic? “.

The commands listed below represent commands with phrases and can be modified to suit your needs, just use your creativity. Check out the 300 Google Assistant commands in English below.

Phone and Information

1. Call to Dad

2. make a phone call

3. Call [desired location/facilities]

4. Video call with dad

5. Call Dad’s house

6. Call my mom on speakerphone

7. Call Roger

8. Call to home

9. Send a message via Telegram

10. Send messages via WhatsApp

11. Send messages via WhatsApp to

12. Send voice messages

13. Send messages on WhatsApp

14. Email Sérgio

15. Email my mom

16. Message Gustavo: Let

‘s go 17. Read my text messages

18. Text my dad and say, are you coming?

19. Message Raquel

20. Send a message

21. Text Mom

Clocks and Alarms


22. Create a 22-minute timer for the cake

23. Set a 30-minute countdown

24. Set a 2-minute timer

25. Start the timer

26. Set a two-minute timer

27. 60 minutes timer

28. Set a 5-minute timer

29. Set an alarm for 3 hours from now

30. Set an alarm for 8 hours from now

31. Wake me up in 20 minutes

32. Wake me up at 9:00 am

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33. Set an alarm for 8:00 a.m.

34. 7a.m

35. Set an alarm for 8am on weekdays

36. Set an alarm called “Medicine” every night at 9 p.m.

37. Wake me up at 7 tomorrow morning

38. What time is it in Beijing?

Weather and location


39. What is the weather like in Las Vegas?

40. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?

41. What is the weather forecast for today?

42. The weather forecast for tomorrow

43. Do I need an umbrella today?

44. What’s the weather like tomorrow?

45. Will it rain this weekend?

46. ​​What’s the weather like from Monday to Friday next week?

47. What is the maximum temperature tomorrow?

48. Will it rain on Monday?

49. Navigate to the next restaurant

50. Take me home

51. Is there a gas station nearby?

52. How it works

53. Coffee Goes Nearby

54. Open Google Maps

55. Go to the nearest coffee shop

56. Automatic route to the supermarket

57. How is the traffic situation?

Streaming services like Netflix, Spotify and YouTube


58. Watch Stranger Things on Netflix

59. Watch Black Mirror on Netflix

60. Watch The Crown on Netflix

61. Stay on my TV

62. Play a song

63. Next song

64. Play The Rise of Katy Perry

65. Listen to music

66. Play bedtime songs

67. Play Songs on Spotify

68. Play Spotify

69. Play Wesley Safadow

70. Play classical music

71. Play cat videos on YouTube

72. Open YouTube

73. How to make lasagna video on my tv

74. Open Recommended Videos

75. Open Yoga Videos on YouTube

76. Play Anita’s video on my TV

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77. Show a cute video

78. A clip showing beer in a bottle

Google photos

79. Show my photo

80. Show me my mountain painting

81. Show My Food Pictures

82. Show me pictures from last weekend

Smartphone and Chromecast Setup

83. Turn off WiFi

84. Turn on Airplane Mode

85. Set the volume to 24%

86. Turn on Bluetooth

87. Maximum

88. Volume x

89. Volume 9

90. Turn off the sound

91. Turn on my TV in the living room

92. Play a song on my TV

93. Play some Justin songs on my TV

94. The next song on my TV

95. Pause on my TV

Connected Home Commands

96. Turn off the lights in the master bedroom

97. Are the lights in Paulo’s bedroom on?

98. Are the restaurant lights on?

99. Turn off the lights

100. Turn on the lights

101. Set the thermostat to 20 degrees

102. What is the temperature here?

103. Turn on the thermostat

104. When was Mahatma Gandhi born?

105. How big is the empire?

106. Why is the sky blue?

107. Who plays Phil Dunphy?

108. When is Holy Week?

109. Who invented the stethoscope?

110. What time is it in Beijing?

111. How many episodes are there in 3%?

112. How tall is Gisele Bundchen?

113. Who is Zumbi of Palmares?

114. How many calories are in a pear?

115. How many species of whales are there?

116. Search Pinterest for quick lunch recipes

117. Where is the capital of France?

118. Search Boards on Pinterest

119. How far is it from Spain?

120. How is banana cake made?

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121. Defining Melancholy

122. What is the definition of binary?

123. What does investigation mean?

Food, Drink and Recipes


124. Nearby restaurants

125. Find a Italian restaurant

126. Is there a bar nearby?

127. Are there any Mexican restaurants nearby?

128. Where is my UberEats order?

129. Order Pizza at UberEats

130. Track my order on UberEats

131. Ask UberEats

132. Talk to UberEats

133. Show simple recipes

134. Finding Dinner recipe

135. Find Lunch Recipes

136. How many calories are in 100 grams of chicken?

137. How much vitamin C does an orange contain?

138. Talk to a brewing assistant

139. Ask the brewing assistant Pilsner on the merits

140. Talk to Vino Express



141. I want to hear the news

142. Show me business news

143. Sports News

144. Tell me about today’s news

145. Listen to sports news

146. What is sports news?

147. What’s new?

148. Hear the news

149. Broadcast news from CNN News

150. Listen to CNN News



151. Set reminders

152. Remind me to take out the trash at 3:00 PM

153. Show my memory

154. Remind me to do laundry when I get home at 6:00 pm

155. Remind me to do laundry when I get home

156. Remind me to pick up trash

157. What am I going to do today?

158. Make a Shopping List

159. Add eggs to my shopping list

160. What’s on my shopping list?

161. Add hairspray and dog food to my shopping list

162. Add Balloons to My Shopping List

163. What is 25 times 83?

164. What is 10% of 36?

165. What is the square of pi times 49?

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166. What is 2 to the 30th power?

167. What is the square root of 387?

168. What is the cosine of 60 degrees?

169. What is the factorial of 9?

170. How many centimeters are in an inch?

171. How much is a dollar worth in Japanese yen?

172. How many pounds are in a kilogram?

172. How many miles are 5 kilometers?

173. How many liters are equal to one gallon?

174. How many milliliters are in a cup of tea?

175. How much is a euro worth in dollars?


176. How do you say “Hello” in French?

177. How do you say “thank you” in French?

178. “Hello” in Korean

179. Translate “Thank you” into Korean

180. How do you say “I’m sorry” in French?

181. How do you say you are cool in Japanese?

182. “Hello” in spanish

183. Translate “good night” into German



184. When does PSG play?

185. Did PSG win the last race?

186. Tell us sports news

187. What new features does BNB have?

188. When is the next football match?

189. What is the Europe Championship standings?

190. What is Manchester’s squad?

191. What is the Champions League table like?

192. Does Spain have a World Cup?

Manage payments and transfer apps

193. Transfer 20 dollars to Name with (bank)

194. Look at my credit card statement at (bank)

195. Paying my credit card bill at (bank)

196. Present my statement at (bank)

197. Presenting my statement at a

198. Paying my credit card bill at a

199. Check my balance at my bank account

200. Check my credit card statement at (bank)

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201. Transfer 20 dollars to Alice through a (bank)

202. What is a NASDAQ listing?

203. META Share price

204. How much is META stock worth?

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205. How old are you?

206. Are you tired?

207. Who was your first love?

208. Where do you live?

209. Do you like Google?

210. Do you have a nickname?

211. Do you feel it?

212. Are you a romantic?

213. Do you like Siri?

214. Do you like Xiaona?

215. What is your mission?

216. How do you look?

217. Who was your first?

218. Can you laugh?

219. Have you exercised?

220. Describe your personality.

221. Do you have a boyfriend?

222. Are you married?

223. Who is your father?

224. Who is your mother?

225. Do you like Android or iOS?

226. Why are you working so hard?

227. Where were you born?

228. Do you like Portugal?

229. Are you a robot?

230. Who created you?

231. Can you predict the future?

232. Can you speak Morse code?

233. Will you die one day?

234. Do you have an imagination?

235. What are you wearing?

236. Do you work without internet?

237. How do you operate?

238. When is your birthday?

239. Do you have hair?

240. Are you sleeping?

241. Do you drive?

242. What is your hobby?

243. What are you afraid of?

244. What is your favorite online activity?

245. What is your favorite color?

246. What do you drink?

247. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

248. What is your favorite animal?

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249. Dog or cat?

250. Do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?

251. I am your father.

252. May the Force be with you.

253. Are we in a matrix?

254. Say where you are going.

255. I am naked.

256. I continue to deny appearances.

257. Winter is coming.

Chat with Assistant

258. I want to praise

259. Tell me a joke

260. What movie is being shown?

261. Coin toss

262. Play Change My Voice

263. Show a funny meme

264. Tell me something interesting

265. How does the dog sound?

266. Play a beat

267. What am I thinking now?

268. When do you usually go to bed?

269. Is there anything that makes you nervous?

270. Have you ever listened to music?

271. What makes you nostalgic?

272. Describe your personality

273. Can you sing?

274. What are your strengths?

275. Where do you like to run?

276. What does your name mean?

277. Smile

278. Roll the dice

279. Coin toss

280. Give me a random number

281. You are lucky

282. Help me wash my hands

283. Throwing crystal balls

284. I want to play crystal ball

285. I’m drunk).

286. Who is in charge here?

287. Can you sing for me?

288. Can you make a beatbox for me?

289. I am bored.

290. Tell me a joke?

291. Tell me something interesting?

292. Tell me a poem.

Memorial Day

293. Where is Santa Claus?

294. Tell me something interesting about Christmas.

295. Do you know the Easter Bunny?

296. Do you like carnival?

297. Sing a carnival song

298. Sing you a happy birthday song

299. Merry Christmas.

300. Happy New Year.