7 Tips to Improve your Ranking on Google in 2022

How will you position your website (whether showcase or e-commerce) on Google in 2021? This is a question every website owner asks.

This is easy to understand, as insufficient traffic limits conversion opportunities.

Improve your site’s organic citations with relevant and high-quality editing

In addition to optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags, determining the absolute rules of Google and its algorithms is especially difficult.

However, from experience, relevant and high-quality editorial posts seem to be the consensus in the SEO world.

Relevant content that boosts SEO


Relevance refers to the close relationship between the user’s query and the page content.

Logically, website = keyword. The keywords here represent the expression itself and its variants.

Therefore, the relevant content meets the readers’ expectations from the preliminary survey. The whole subtlety of this work is understanding, or at least trying to understand, the search intent of Internet users.

The longer the query, the “easier” it is to identify search intent. Conversely, the more general the request, the more complex the interpretation and the more difficult it is to assign content.

Premium content to improve your ranking on Google

Quality content means providing clear and structured answers, packaged in an editorial style that meets target expectations.

I wouldn’t call a young student like a 50-year-old executive at a CAC 40 company. The expected speech is not the same. The tone will be different.

We can never repeat it, but understanding your prospect or customer and their problems (pain points) is critical to writing your content. Without the previous step, you are throwing money out the window. you write nonsense

Rich content to improve positioning on Google

Rich content of course refers to text, but also includes images, graphics, tables (e.g. for comparison) and videos.

All of these elements ease and interrupt reading; long text is often considered boring.

Think lighting from 14th and 15th century pieces. century.

HTTPS: Security for all pages


No more excuses today. Switching your website to https is easy.

The vast majority of landlords provide EV certificates for free.

It mostly boils down to ticking a box.

Don’t forget that in the absence of this protocol, major browsers display a nifty warning page that puts off most internet users due to its anxiety-provoking aspects.

Flawless mobile website

For Google, the number of requests from smartphones exceeds that from desktop computers.

So it is necessary to take this fact into account and work on at least the mobile version, if not better.

Another way of saying it is that most emails are opened from mobile phones.

The first point of contact with a potential customer is often mobile. So it can also make a good impression.

Also, most CMSs have mobile versions natively…even the basic templates.

Finally, paid templates are also created to adapt to smartphones; if not locally developed for them.

Reliance on social networks

Social networks act as amplifiers for your content.

The inclusion of articles or pages on social networks is a signal that Google considers.

This is even more true when you’re targeting the top two or three positions on the results page.

Don’t ignore this aspect and post your content on social networks. It doesn’t matter if you work in B to B (business to business) or B to C (business to costumer).

User Experience: Page Speed ​​and Internal Linking

User experience seems to be an important criterion for Google.

Your page should load quickly. The PageSpeed ​​test and these metrics are a perfect example. However, be careful not to overstate this factor.

Also, a good internal network is the best way to increase page views on your website.

Also, don’t post links to post links, but build relationships between pages, either addressing related topics or specifying topics.

For example, on a page offering website building services, it would be useful to link to a page about building a website to generate leads and add a second link to a link about building an online store.

In this way, you can provide useful details to Internet users and improve their user experience.

High-quality backlinks for top jobs


There’s a lot of debate surrounding the “power” of backlinks, the ability to push URLs to the top of Google’s results pages, and the fact remains that it’s a proven technique.

No doubt small differences will come from focusing not on quantity but on quality.

This quality can be summed up as:

  • Contains links to relevant anchors related to the target page,
  • Anchor above the waterline
  • Original page with good authority on a site with good authority itself. Pages and domains have different permissions,
  • And finally the original page dealing with the related topic

Most importantly, competition can give you an idea of ​​the quantity and quality of backlinks you need to gain.