9 Best iPhone Apps So You Never Miss News


iPhone is used for a variety of fun activities: listening to music, playing games, watching movies and series, etc. But aside from the fun, it’s also useful to follow the news. This is exactly the return of our iOS app folder, which has been updated exclusively for news.

One of the usefulness and appeal of the iPhone is the ability to be always connected, to know what’s going on in the world, and even to be notified in real time or almost.

Regardless, Messaging and its apps feature prominently on iOS. For this reason, weekly file updates are dedicated to them below.

There is clearly a wealth of current apps in the App Store. This is an option designed to be a generalist so that everyone can make choices based on their preferences and interests.

Written press



It is no longer present, but as far as news is concerned, we must admit that it is one of the essential elements. The articles cover all areas, so there is something for everyone. The notice warns of the highlights of the day. In short, an app with content well worth checking out.



Another major player in business news, Les Echos, also appeared on the iPhone. Newspapers also have a real app. It focuses on real-time and easy-to-read information on mobile screens.



Le Figaro also provides real-time access to all information through a fully customizable app. While much of the information is free, we can also purchase a digital edition of the daily newspaper. The revised design that makes the most of the screen is especially pleasing.

20 minutes


You probably know that you have 20 minutes of free time every day. The iPhone app offers you the possibility to find news of the latter directly in the headset, without the need for a connection. At the opening, the app gives you a news feed, but it’s also possible to put together your own “one.” For those of you who like People’s News, a separate section has been suggested just for this. Sports also have their own claims. Finally, the app allows access to different versions of 20 minutes, depending on the city.


Liberation offers a nice iPhone app. The navigation bar, clearly red, allows you to navigate the different categories. If you’re a subscriber, or your heart tells you, you can access the daily newspaper directly in the app.


Mind you, this is business. As with any good information app, newsfeeds are available. In this application, the process is based on business, the stock market, and the overall economy. If you subscribe, you can find your daily life in the app. If you are interested in economics, you should not miss this app.

Information and broadcasting



The big radio stations obviously have their iOS apps. In addition to being able to listen to your favorite stations, there is also a news feed that lets you follow the news in real time at a glance.

News channel

If reading isn’t your forte, why not take advantage of video feeds on your iPhone? News TV channels often offer mobile apps, so there’s something for everyone.

Morning Post


This application offers the possibility to deal with news from a more current and interesting perspective. The evening news is updated every morning and the information is presented in the form of a “Tinder” card. We put the slides on the right, we don’t put them on the left. After sorting, all that’s left is picking out the information and starting over every day.



In the category of apps that keep you informed about everything that’s going on, Flipboard is undoubtedly one of the best, no matter the field. Flipboard has conquered a large number of users with its tried and tested interface. For some time now, the app has offered a revamped interface, a new smart magazine and some new features that make reading news more enjoyable. A beautiful app download without further delay!



Let’s continue this file with a small (very) special application: the application for the Gorafi website. The news here is picked up with tweezers, although we can never be sure if there is a real background to this recurring delirium. Humorous, sarcastic, perverted, it’s almost inevitable that this app will creep into your iPhone. Once we tried it, we couldn’t live without it!