Do I need an iPhone 14? Apple will give users millions of iPhone 13 Pros

While many have accused Apple of lacking innovation in smartphones, sales have said the opposite. In a few days, the company will update its results to investors again, and Tim Cook will certainly mention how the iPhone 13 Pro is doing in terms of sales. At first, one might not have believed that Apple itself would be so successful, but the fact remains that the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are definitely hot. We tell you what Apple intends to do with it.

iPhone sales in Russia

To understand how successful the iPhone 13 is, you have to remember how it all started. In less than a month since the new iPhones were released, Russian retailers have already set records — they bought around 93,000 iPhones in the country, almost as much as the previous iPhone 12 (around 57,000) went on sale. Even the iPhone 11 and iPhone 7 aren’t as popular as the current models — users bought 67,000 devices in the first week. Of all the iPhone 13s sold, most were the Pro versions, and only after that did the usual iPhone 13 and 13 mini catch on.

It’s also worth noting that, contrary to the advice of experts, the iPhone 13 Pro is also a rather lucrative investment: another increase was recorded after Apple announced it would stop shipping to Russia. But many people here have already thought that against the backdrop of sharply rising exchange rates, there is an opportunity to make good money.

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iPhone not for sale


Even though many people are refusing to buy new iPhones in the current situation, they are still selling very well globally. To that end, the company even added 10 million units to its order book in the second quarter. Experts believe that this will have a positive impact on the ASP and sales metrics of the iPhone 13 Pro. The main part of the increase in orders is the iPhone 13 Pro – the company only ordered 1 million units in the first quarter of this year, and even 8 million units in the second quarter. Production of the iPhone 13 Pro Max has nearly doubled — from 3.5 million to 6.5.

What does the increase in sales indicate? First, about the fact that users are starting to buy more expensive models with bigger screens and improved cameras. Second, many love the iPhone 13’s legendary autonomy: it’s worth remembering how the iPhone 13 Pro Max made Samsung a novelty in performance testing. Even the iOS 15.4.1 curve doesn’t affect smartphone autonomy – it still provides amazing autonomy figures. By the way, it’s not just Apple that will get another 10 million orders: Samsung and LG will also be filling their budgets by producing displays and cameras.

Which iPhone is better to use?


Currently, the number of new smartphones suggests that they are enough for everyone. Russia might get something if Apple decides to return, but that’s just an opinion. However, in order not to affect iPhone 14 Pro Max sales, it is only logical that the company might discontinue the iPhone 13 Pro Max after the demo. However, the new iPhone won’t be revolutionary. The regular iPhone 14 and 14 Max will get the rebranded A15 Bionic chip, and the Pro version is unlikely to see a surge in performance. The camera will improve, but not radically.

iPhone 13 mini: Which is the lowest price available

It’s also worth noting that the company hasn’t increased orders for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini: after all, the revamped compact smartphone hasn’t been well received by customers. In principle, forget it when the big screen of the iPhone 14 Max comes out. In fact, there’s no reason to ditch the iPhone 13 Pro and wait for the iPhone 14: smartphones aren’t going to revolutionize, and buying the previous year’s version is always a good investment.

Many are wondering if it makes sense to buy an iPhone 13 Pro or stay with the iPhone 13? Look: the firmware supports 120 Hz in the app, and even the processor is different – the iPhone 13 has 4 cores, the iPhone 13 Pro even has 5. By the way, the difference is clear: you will especially like it after a few years. The iPhone 13 Pro will be relevant even after 3 to 4 years and will handle the task with ease. Camera fill light is also important: the Pro version has a telephoto lens, lidar and 6x zoom.