iPhones that are definitely not worth buying in 2022

Remember what was the first thing that came to mind when buying an iPhone? Like a girl – too serious and too long, right? Buying an iPhone is not only to pamper yourself with a considerable amount of money, it is also an investment. The iPhone is like a car: you spend money on it, buy accessories, and resell it, losing some money. Still, Apple smartphone sales are at least more realistic than their Android counterparts. For many people, the iPhone is the work device they want to use for as long as possible without any issues. Today, I will share with you some tips on which iPhone is not worth buying next year.

Why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone SE 2020

This is the smartphone I both love and hate. It has a good A13 Bionic processor, but the battery is very weak. And it only gets worse every day. My iPhone SE 2020 has an enviable battery – 88% capacity remaining. If you don’t want to actively use it, it’s for you – then the battery will last into the night. For active users, this is a real crutch.

In general, think twice before buying, or better yet, never buy an iPhone SE 2020.

Is it worth buying an iPhone 8 in 2022?


Not long ago, my girlfriend lost her iPhone 8. Of course, we tried to find him, but in vain. honestly? I’m very happy for her, especially when she bought the iPhone 11. The iPhone 8 is an outdated gadget that’s rattling her in 2021. It should never be bought for the same reasons as the iPhone SE 2020.

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My friend also sold the iPhone 8 Plus and bought the iPhone 11 – he did everything right. The usual 8 and 8 Plus aren’t suitable – these are objectively old smartphones that might be worth keeping as a spare iPhone or gifting to your kids. Buying an iPhone 8 in 2022 is like giving alcoholics money and hoping they won’t drink.

Is the 2022 iPhone XR worth buying?


I have very fond memories of the iPhone XR. It’s an iPhone with a decent screen, but it will be irretrievably obsolete by 2023.

If you bought it, immediately (if you find it on sale). Less likely to buy later: The A12 Bionic isn’t forever, and soon the iPhone XR will be a pumpkin you’ll regret spending money on. It has been successfully replaced by everyone’s favorite iPhone 11.

Is it worth buying an iPhone X?


Not under any circumstances. Yes, it’s a groundbreaking iPhone, but everything has its time: 3GB of RAM and a 5.8-inch display, plus an A11 Bionic processor — which is ridiculous by 2022 standards. Buying an iPhone X in 2022 is stupid, reckless and shortsighted. Yes, such hobbyists still exist: they look for a smartphone on Avito, look for swap options, resell it or keep it.

Smartphones are actually pretty compact – which is exactly the case if you don’t need a big-screen iPhone. But what if Apple hit itself in the foot with the launch of the iPhone 12 mini and is now shutting down the line? In general, forget the iPhone X and move on to something more relevant. On the iPhone 13 mini, for example, because that’s a smartphone story, and there won’t be any more anytime soon.

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iPhone XS in 2022

Maybe next year you won’t need another one-off top-of-the-line iPhone. Yes, it gets the job done perfectly, but the battery is too weak – 2659 mAh is too small for the A12 Bionic and not optimized for the reality of 2021.

Definitely not worth it, folks: I mentioned above why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone XR – for the same reason you don’t need an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. These are rather expensive and pointless toys that are not practical.