The best Android games of 2022

Over the years, Android has become one of the dominant video game platforms, even some unique game styles. With that, we’ve compiled a list of the best Android games of 2022.

The list below is in alphabetical order and must be compiled according to criteria such as: B. Ranking in the Google Play Store and how the title represents a specific feature developed for mobile devices. Finally, it would be very easy to compile a list of critically acclaimed games that already exist on other platforms like Stardew Valley, Dead Cells, Dandara, and more. Another aspect we consider is how some games work better as tablet games than as mobile games, and we’ll definitely be checking in that case.

Action Taimanin Maning


4.4 stars on Play Store based on 37,750 reviews

If you’re looking for some action, Action Taimanin lives up to its name in this title, superhuman ninjas fighting demons to save the planet. Despite being a gacha (like some of the titles on the list), it can be played perfectly without costing too much money, since only the camera is the main problem with the actual game. Still, it’s one of the best Android games out there.

Alto’s Odyssey


4.7 stars on Play Store based on 238,954 reviews

Alto’s Odyssey is an endless parkour game that works infinitely well as a tablet game due to the stunning scenes traversed by the little characters on the screen, which means the experience can’t be fully enjoyed when played on a smartphone. The best part is that his barbarian is free to play and in-app purchases are only related to cosmetics.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


4.4 stars on the Play Store based on 765,756 reviews

While it obviously can’t compare to the sturdy console version, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp does a good job of emulating the comfortable feel they provide, but now as a mobile game.

The reduced experience is even a good start for the franchise, as mastering this mobile version will give players access and readiness to use a wealth of resources from other games in the series. Oh, and despite the name, while it works fine on smartphones, it’s best played as a tablet, as the decoration dynamics really shine on the bigger screen.

Bleach brave souls


4.2 stars on the Play Store based on 319,472 reviews

Bleach: Brave Soul does a pretty good job of rescuing various elements of the original story, and is a striking example of any smartphone game based on the hit series. With tons of characters and ongoing support, this 3D arena hack and slash has great gameplay and works so well as a tablet (though it’s so useful on mobile) that it even just received its own PlayStation version 4.

Cytus II


4.3 stars on the Play Store based on 128,756 reviews

Cytus II is an excellent rhythm game that combines great touchscreen gameplay with an immersive story and a unique soundtrack. Another game that runs better on a tablet, thanks to the bigger screen, doesn’t disappoint when it runs on a smartphone. The only flaw is that a large portion of the title is blocked by a paywall, which requires a hefty fee to complete.

Dark Sword 2


4 stars on the Play Store based on 9,275 reviews

Dark Sword 2 has a graphical premise similar to Limbo, but on . Since the mobile game only uses silhouettes for on-screen characters, it creates a unique dynamic in this aggressive platform hack and slash, with a complex evolution system and a variety of characters and enemies.

Deemo II


4.3 stars on Play Store based on 17,006 reviews

Deemo II is a riveting game that mixes adventure genres with rhythm genres for a compelling story that’s responsible for connecting the two ideas. In it, Echo embarks on an exciting journey to uncover the mysteries behind the disappearance of the composer responsible for creating the entire world she lives in, whose aesthetic blends 3D models with beautiful hand-painted backgrounds.

Donut county


4.5 stars on Play Store based on 525 reviews

Donut County, a premium experience developed by What Remains of Edith Finch as the creators of the tablet game, puts players in control of a hole that absorbs elements on the screen and uses it to solve the title’s various puzzles. All of this is tied together by a very interesting and engaging narrative and a unique mechanism activated by the interaction of holes with various objects scattered throughout the scene. It’s such a comprehensive offering, it’s certainly one of the best Android games on our list.

Dragalia Lost


4.4 stars on the Play Store based on 102,598 reviews

One of the main curiosities behind Dragalia Lost is that it’s a Nintendo-made title precisely because it’s an IP developed directly for mobile devices, rather than relying on some of the company’s major brands. Keeping in mind the traditional smartphone game structure, this gashapon excels in technical sophistication, proving itself to be a very solid action RPG in terms of its premise and execution.



4.3 stars on Play Store based on 382,​​493 reviews

While there is theoretically a PvP mode that supports repeat and sustained play, especially post-match, what really sets Evertale apart is the story mode. Bringing a very traditional RPG atmosphere (like Dragon Quest from the SNES era) and beautiful high-definition 2D visuals, capture and evolve the 180 available monsters, and explore two heroes in this fun game World journey smartphone.

Exploding kitten


4.6 stars on the Play Store based on 46,806 reviews

Exploding Kittens is a strategy game where players draw cards from their deck until an exploding cat is drawn, ultimately eliminating the “lucky cat” from the game, while other cards can be used to avoid this tragedy or her to mitigate opponent. A physical card game converted to Android — and one of the most crowdfunded games in history — that’s better suited for larger screens like tablets.

Final Fantasy Brave Exius: War of Visions


4.1 stars on Play Store based on 101,722 reviews

Considering when Final Fantasy Tactics was last released on console, Mirage: Final Fantasy Brave Exius is the closest we’ve come to the popular tactical RPG spinoff of the legendary Square Enix brand. There’s an expansive world to explore, and many iconic characters from the franchise return for one of the most beautiful and visually stunning Android games ever made.

Final fantasy record keeper


4.4 stars on the Play Store based on 158,766 reviews

This Final Fantasy is a practical example of a well-made gacha that demonstrates its purpose. Final Fantasy Record Keeper makes a brilliant use of nostalgia, recreating some of the most iconic moments from Square Enix’s most important intellectual property, with a backstory of sorts that justifies a revival of the series’ past classics . Also, it’s enviable how it’s balanced enough without abusing incentives to make players spend money to speed up certain progressions.

Fire Emblem Heroes


4.5 stars on the Play Store based on 580,894 reviews

The definitive crossover game in the Fire Emblem series, it’s one of the best games on Android when it comes to the tactical RPG genre. Bringing together iconic characters from different eras in the series, Fire Emblem Heroes remains one of Nintendo’s flagship mobile games. It is constantly being updated and is already in its sixth season.

Genshin Impact


4.3 stars on the Play Store based on 3,188,186 reviews

Known for the unbridled drinking art and playstyle of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact not only has its talents in implementing the modding features of mobile platform games like microtransactions and gacha mechanics, but is able to stand out on its own The story and characters, in addition to a very interesting solo game, manage to stand out from the popular Nintendo games.

Giant Dancing Plushies


4.4 stars on Play Store based on 681 reviews

As the title suggests, Giant Dancing Plushies features giant dancing plush dolls. In this case, players must lead them rhythmically according to the music through the scene to cause havoc and defeat the army trying to stop the outdoor party. In addition to its own content, it’s worth noting how the track integrates with Spotify, allowing players to rule the destruction with their favorite music. While it works well as a smartphone game, the tablet’s larger screen amplifies the devastating disco feel the title provides.

Grid Autosport


4.2 stars on the Play Store based on 20,902 reviews

Grid Autosport is one of those Android games that most effectively showcases its potential on a tablet, thanks to its bold looks and the need for a device optimized for its amazing performance. In addition to the plethora of vehicles and modes available in this racing game, the game’s physics lends itself to the precision and speed that many powerful console games offer the envy of racing.

Honkai Impact 3D


4.2 stars on Play Store based on 396,777 reviews

If you’re even sympathetic to Genshin Impact, but want more action and less world building and exploration, Honkai Impact 3rd, also developed by MiHoYo, is the right choice. Aside from graphics that easily rank among the best Android games, the gameplay is very addicting and tells an immersive story. The only problem is that even though the game is primarily aimed at smartphones, so much visual quality and dynamics on the screen can end up demanding too much of the device.

Lumino City


4.5 stars on the Play Store based on 9,113 reviews

grace. This is the best way to describe Lumino City, an immersive and relaxing puzzle game that has won many awards for its unique proposals and innovative aesthetics with graphics similar to paper crafts such as Paper crafts and similar crafts. This is another game that works best as a tablet, given the need to look at the entire scene in full, while still retaining its unique art style.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR


4.2 stars on the Play Store based on 274,064 reviews

Although KOF is primarily a fighting series, KOF ALLSTAR rescues the gameplay and feel of old-school arcade fighting games from the 80s and 90s, such as SNK’s Burning Fight or Capcom’s Final Fight. He gulps nostalgia for the basic plot of all the games in the series, bringing together a very interesting variety of characters not only from the relevant intellectual property, but

from the company’s entire universe, for agile, frenetic, and surprisingly simple gameplay. and invited.

Monument valley


4.8 stars on Play Store based on 236,395 reviews

Monument Valley embodies the idea that mobile phones can host great games beyond the infinite slots on the market. Even years after its original release, the title remains a staple among the best Android games on the market, as it tells a unique platforming narrative through surreal settings based on Escher’s geometric aesthetic. Of course, this majesty makes the game more suitable to play on a tablet.

Monument Valley 2


4.8 stars on Play Store based on 64,458 reviews

After so many positive reviews, the Monument Valley sequel launches a few years later with a unique new narrative starring a mother and daughter who continue to roam a surreal and beautiful geometric world. Monument Valley 2 successfully reiterates the same concept and is a must for any fan, cementing itself as one of the greatest Android games in history.

My friend Pedro: Time for revenge


4.5 stars on the Play Store based on 87,378 reviews

Despite its popularity on consoles and PC, this mobile-centric version of My Friend Pedro shouldn’t be left behind. My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge brings back the fun concept of a rhythmic 2D platform shooter and provides a great challenge that even becomes fairer as a tablet game for players who need to keep an eye on all corners , a larger screen is more usable and provides greater precision through haptic commands.

Neil Re [in] Carnation


4.4 stars on the Play Store based on 56,155 reviews

NieR Re[in]carnation is one of the best Android games of 2022, bringing all the essence of Yoko Taro’s work to mobile, presenting a solemn story and A somber atmosphere with its own auto-battle system sound, unrelated to previous releases in the series. Definitely a very interesting version of Square Enix.

Pokemon Master EX


4.3 stars on Play Store based on 455,894 reviews

We have to accept it, right? Well, in Pokémon Masters EX, our goal is not to collect all the existing Pokémon in the eight generations released so far, but to collect trainers who have been successful throughout the series. Launched in 2019, the smartphone game continues to deliver content that excels in unusual circumstances as well as hypothetical crossovers between series characters, living up to the brand’s heritage in its more than 25 years of existence.

Pokemon Unite


4.6 stars on Play Store based on 926,948 reviews

Pokémon Unite is nothing more than a MOBA for Pokémon (like League of Legends or DotA). The title brings a gameplay fit that’s familiar to the series, and works very well as a tablet game, taking advantage of the larger screen for a better understanding of the arena and elements in the user interface. With constant updates and support, games developed in partnership with Tencent are gaining attention for their consistency and potential that are still being explored.

Plague Inc


4.5 stars on the Play Store based on 391,465 reviews

Rebel Inc. is an emulator from the same manufacturer as Plague Inc. In it, players must politically stabilize a region fresh from war but on the brink of social chaos, which is necessary to understand the needs of trading venues in conflict with its territory and ideology. Worth mentioning is the research work done by Ndemic Creations, which examines the subject and gathers the opinions and experiences of political leaders, members of the media, and other figures who are often caught up in this situation. Due to its strategic nature, tablets have also emerged as platforms conducive to a full gaming experience.



4.1 stars on Play Store based on 87,156 reviews

Another mobile game “SINoALICE” directed by Yokoo Taro, under the director’s unique vision, focuses on the story, re-interprets legends and fairy tales, uses interesting mobile role-playing games, and makes good use of the form of gashapons, not Just develop the character. Also gives you a background on the different weapons and classes available in the title.


4.4 stars on Play Store based on 2,189,814 reviews

Yo-ji-oh! Duel Links became very popular because it brought a more flexible duel mode compared to the traditional tabletop version of the card game developed by Kazuki Takahashi. This comes with the need to adapt to the reality of smartphone gaming, which of course has to be fast and objective, without the complexities of some of the rules that arise from the natural evolution of the original TCG. However, the popularity of the Duel Links format attracted a new group of gamers, which even prompted Konami to produce a series of special physical products for the new format.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master duel


4.3 stars on Play Store based on 99,657 reviews

Unlike Duel Link, which prioritizes its own dueling style and is designed for faster mobile matches, Master Duel features Yu-Gi-Oh! In its classic format, all available cards and rules are the same as those played in the physical version of Konami’s popular card game. With that in mind, it’s obvious, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel works more like a tablet game in that it involves longer duels and more complex rules, certainly better suited to more powerful platforms, and better able to replicate more complex gaming tables.