Which Windows version is right for you?

Which Windows version is right for you?

Which Windows version is right for you?

Windows is the most popular operating system family in the world today. It has dozens of operating systems, some of which are actively used today. So novice users may be wondering: which version of Windows is better, and which version to choose to install?

It’s hard to answer because every Windows (XP to 10) has its pros and cons. We’ll analyze the different versions as objectively as possible to see which Windows is better for your computer.

Determine your operating system


How do I know what Windows I have? Type “system information” in the search, click the highlighted link and view the information in the window that opens. So, by asking what OS I have, we figured it out. Still need to figure out which Windows to choose.

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Windows 7

Those seven quickly overtook XP. And it’s not in vain, as it’s the most popular OS today. It finally has everything the previous OS lacked: automatic driver updates, decent built-in antivirus, good compatibility with wireless networks, all actively distributed in 2009 – its year of release, good looks and many more.

It’s great for work and play, and for many, it could be an ideal choice. All you have to do is choose a version.


The original version, which has many disadvantages compared to other versions:

  • It exists only in 32-bit format;
  • There is no way to play or create DVDs, and it’s cumbersome;
  • No aero effects – seven main graphic features
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For underpowered netbooks, older computers will work just fine because they work so well. But that doesn’t make much sense, because XP offers so much more functionality that almost no one wants to install it.



Home is available in two versions: Home Basic and Home Premium. The features of the first version are hardly different from those of the entry-level version, but the advanced version already offers more features. It lets you experience all the fun of Windows 7: Aero graphics, tablet support, quad-core processors, and more.



The professional version has more potential, allowing you to use the remote desktop, print over the network, use XP’s applications, or more precisely, have a good compatibility with them, which cannot be said of the previous version.

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Windows 7 Ultimate offers all the features of this operating system. In addition to the above features, it also has:

  • BitLocker privacy features
  • support for Unix applications
  • boot from a virtual disk

Along with many other features, they are more useful for professionals than for ordinary users.

Home Premium and Professional editions are great for basic tasks. If you currently have a “seven”, you can use the method above to find out the version.

Windows 8 and 8.1


The G8’s “tiled” interface is easily recognizable, which is very different from the traditional Windows interface. The start button has been removed and replaced with Active Angle, which opens a screen with icons for different applications in different sizes.

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The system is great for tablets and laptops with touchscreens, as well as netbooks, but the computer performance here will be higher than that of the same “seven” working without brakes. At the same time, Windows 10 is also supported by many platforms. Microsoft has gone the multi-platform route with Windows 8, which is both a plus and a minus.

The Metro interface is very convenient for touch screen users, but users who are used to the standard controls will find it a little awkward, at least at first. Relying on the Internet for optimized operations ensures that everything is updated in a timely manner: apps, news, feeds – a new cost of some Internet tariffs. App stores were created on a similar basis to other systems, making it easier to use official programs but complicating the use of unlicensed software they happily download on Windows.

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Windows 10


The latest and greatest at the end, which will finally remove all doubts from many. Windows 10 was released in 2015 and quickly started conquering the market. This platform absorbs the essence of the Seven Kingdoms and the Eight Kingdoms, and finally gives a synthesis. The developers took into account many of the shortcomings of the previous system and did what the majority of users wanted.


A compromise worth applauding. The start menu has returned, but now its size and contents are determined independently. You can decide for yourself if you need many icons, or if you should limit yourself to the standard view. The visual design is prettier than the 7, but uses some Windows 8 chips.

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Windows 10 is available on a variety of devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops, netbooks, desktops. This allows you to sync data across multiple devices at the same time. There are already several models of tablets and smartphones that allow you to use this operating system effectively.


Windows 10 is great for running better games on it than on previous systems. It is also more convenient to work on Windows 10 because it is up-to-date and all programs integrate perfectly with it.

Windows 10 runs fine on different PCs, no matter how much RAM they have. At the same time, booting the system and waking up from sleep mode is much faster than older versions.

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So which Windows is better? The answer is obvious: Windows 10, 7, and 8 have certain small advantages, but they all pale in comparison to the new 10. If you have installed it for free, you are very lucky. Unfortunately, this can only be charged for now. Some users are still followers of these seven. In some cases: old computer, favorite interface – it makes sense. But, in my opinion, definitely, the future is behind the big Windows 10 and the new Windows 11.