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4 ways to stream Facebook to increase engagement

4 ways to stream Facebook to increase engagement

Facebook launched its live feature in 2016 for all users. Since then, it has become a powerful marketing tool for engaging with viewers in real time. They report the following impressive Live Statistics on Facebook:

Make sure you have everything you need to make a successful Facebook Live video, and if necessary, the ability to upload your Facebook videos. Someone will have to control the technical aspects of the show. For simple events, this can be as easy as starting and stopping the broadcast. For interviews or co-hosting shows, a more professional setup will be required.

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How to live stream to Facebook from your computer

Facebook allows you to broadcast live directly from your computer. You can broadcast on your Facebook pages, profile, event page, or company page.

Before starting your Facebook live stream, prepare yourself as follows:

Facebook allows you to broadcast live from almost anywhere at any time. If this is your first time going live on Facebook, you will be asked for permission to use your microphone and camera. Click on Let.

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From the options pop-up window, do the following:

Click the drop-down list next to Public and choose the audience for your live video. You can choose:

After completing all the settings and choosing from the available options, click Go to live. When done, click End Live Video.

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Unless you delete the video, it will be automatically added to your timeline.

Live broadcast to Facebook from a mobile device

The steps below will work on an iPhone, Android, tablet, or any mobile device.

If this is your first live broadcast, you will also be prompted on your mobile device to access your device and microphone. Give your permission.

The following steps are the same as for using your computer. When you’re ready, click Start live video. Your mobile device will display a Live red indicator in the corner of the screen. You will also be able to see who is watching your video.

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There are tools at the bottom of the screen that you can use while streaming, including:

Once streaming is complete, click End up. You can choose Delete the video or Share, distribute as a message to your Facebook friends or fans of the business page.

New Facebook Live Streaming Tools

Facebook recently released updates to help video creators and editors improve, enhance, and simplify live broadcasts.

These expanded features also include enhanced analytics. Some of the updates include the ability to:

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Two other major improvements for live streaming on Facebook are:

Start an observing party on Facebook

Facebook Watch Parties is a way for people to watch Facebook videos together in real time. Participants can view the video, live or recorded, and interact with others.

You can organize a party on your personal profile, business page or Facebook group. Follow the steps below to start your Watch Party:

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Be sure to clearly describe the topic your monitoring team will be discussing so that people will join. Promote it from your page to increase the number of viewers.

Many companies use Facebook Watch Party to replay a live event for those who couldn’t make it the first time. It’s also good to repurpose a previous successful live stream.

The latest Facebook Watch Party features include advanced scheduling, the ability to replay, tag business partners, and live commentary.

Live stream to Facebook Creator Studio

Updated Facebook Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to publish, manage, measure, and monetize all your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts in one place.

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The steps below show how to start a Facebook live stream from Creator Studio.

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Choose the To post option from the image above for:

As mentioned above, Facebook Live videos are archived unless deleted. This gives you the opportunity to draw attention to successful events and continue to add value to your target audience.

Here are some ways to do this:

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You can also cross-promote your Facebook Live content on other social media channels.

Don’t forget to analyze your results. Now it is much easier to use New Creator Studio, where all the critical metrics are in one place.