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5 reasons to fall in love with Overwatch

5 reasons to fall in love with Overwatch

With the open beta just ending, Supervision confirmed how well he had shown in the months of the more “intimate” tests. Mom Blizzard’s new fps arena is, without a doubt, a candidate for the title of shooter of the year: addictive gameplay, an extraordinarily characterized game universe and always stimulating competition are the strengths that have contributed to generating a whirlwind of incredible enthusiasm in around the title. Waiting for the launch scheduled for May 24 on consoles and PC, let’s try to understand what are the 5 reasons that made us fall in love Supervision.

1. Cutting edge gameplay

In any self-respecting FPS, the gameplay must have the ambition to conquer the player from the first games, thanks to an excellent response to inputs, good fluidity and, ultimately, the ability to create a “smooth” and immersive gameplay. . . Supervision from this point of view it is unrivaled: frenetic, dynamic, solid and intuitive, it will grab you immediately, catching you game after game. It’s particularly surprising that each individual hero’s weapon set is unique and different: mastering and knowing each ability of your character will be just as crucial as fully learning and absorbing his moves and “fighting style” from him. Dedicate a few games to specializing with more than one character, you will discover how, by delving into its characteristics, it can be much more lethal than you imagined.

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2. Excellent characterization

Don’t stop at the surface: Supervision has a lot to tell through its characters, each of whom has an extraordinarily distinctive story and backstory. Thanks to animated shorts and digital comics, Blizzard aims to make its gaming universe unique and intriguing, trying to intrigue players with insights into characters’ pasts and thus developing greater immersion. Just take a look at the animated short by Winston and Widowmaker to understand that what we are up against is not the trivial attempt to build a story that acts as a side dish, but an actual alternative method of storytelling, which is at the core of the experience. of game. An aspect that, as I said, also clearly influences the flow of the game, with the characters interacting with each other with jokes and puns in line with their history and background. If, on the other hand, you prefer a good comic, bet on digital comics: the latest available is the one dedicated to Junkrat and Roadhog: with a unique style and a bright color chart, Blizzard comics also wink at the new generations of fans . of classic superhero background titles.

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3. Who does it alone does not compensate three

Forget phrases like, “I made you win the game by yourself.” One of the cardinal principles of Supervision It is undoubtedly to stimulate teamwork, team play. Only thanks to the coordination and punctuality in carrying out certain actions will you be able to show off your characteristics as a player, and those of your hero. The composition and balance in the choice of heroes, then, is fundamental: try to compose teams made up of heroes that complement each other and that are capable, through their abilities, of creating fatal combos for your opponents. Example: Use Zarya’s Gravity Bomb combined with Hanzo’s Dragon Assault and you’ll make the opposing team cry. The extreme variety of styles of Overwatch Heroes allows an infinite number of variations, thus guaranteeing the possibility of constantly diversifying the approach to the game and the single match. A clear demonstration of this team-based approach is not giving too much weight to kills, attributing them also in the case of “(very) assisted kills”. This serves to instill in the player the idea that it is more important to win the game than to think about killing, and it is important that Blizzard wanted to immediately reaffirm the concept and “educate” their community.

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4. Competitiveness

If you think you can “relax” by playing Supervision, you take the wrong approach: the only goal is to win and you can be sure that every opponent you meet has this as a purpose. So if you are a gamer who does not like competitive fun, then perhaps the game is not for you. On the contrary, whether like my favorite a game won at the last second or a match dominated from start to finish, you’ll find an excitement in Overwatch that few products can replicate. Blizzard’s product has been referred to several times as Team Fortress on ********. The comparison, from the point of view of competitive trance, fits perfectly: Supervision It surpasses all its peers in terms of variety of play styles, but from its historical predecessors it recovers the fighting fury that only a few arena shooters have been able to propose. However, a new news of the last hours is that Blizzard will not include the ranked mode from day one. The reason is simple: the comments from the community have been negative in some aspects, so the software house has decided to release the title without this feature, to rethink it from scratch. It’s a real shame, because several portals had already been organized creating and promoting tournaments since the beta, and because we believe that the ranked matches will really represent the essence of the game: we hope that they will re-enter as soon as possible.

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5. Balance

Although the available heroes are (at the moment) 21, it’s remarkable how Blizzard has managed to create a damn balanced roster: every hero, even the seemingly immovable one, has their own. countertop, a character capable of effectively countering it. Don’t be fooled: when he thinks he has game progress in hand, his opponents will always be able to destroy his plans; Decisive in this regard is the ability to switch characters at any point in the game, thus reversing the fate of the match. Interpreting this dynamic is not easy, but the most experienced and united groups can change their strategy in an instant. This dynamism is also one of the game’s hallmarks, setting it apart from the competition and helping to create a truly unique gaming amalgamation.