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  5. Adic doubles the capacity and data transfer rate of the tape library with support for LTO-3

Adic doubles the capacity and data transfer rate of the tape library with support for LTO-3

Adic doubles the capacity and data transfer rate of the tape library with support for LTO-3

Provides a wide range of library platforms to help users manage ever-increasing amounts of data

Barcelona, ​​March 9, 2005 – Advanced Digital Information Corporation (NASDAQ: ADIC), a leader in Intelligent Storage solutions for the open systems market, has announced broad support for Linear Tape-Open (LTO(R)) tape devices. ) third-generation Ultrium. This positioning offers users of its LTO tape library families significantly improved capacity and transfer rates. With LTO-3 technology, ADIC’s tape libraries can now offer capacities of up to 10 petabytes1 in a single library and combined data transfer rates of up to 50TB per hour1.

ADIC’s family of LTO-3 libraries provides the widest range of solutions in the industry. It includes a complete line of intelligent automated tape systems ranging from compact workgroup libraries to scalable solutions for enterprise backup consolidation and multi-robot platforms for large-scale archiving applications.

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“With LTO-3 the use of the best library management tools is even more important,” said Steve Mackey, director of product marketing in EMEA for ADIC. “Having larger, faster libraries allows IT departments to consolidate protection for more servers and applications. However, if users don’t have easy access to the best management tools, backup can become difficult to control. ADIC’s libraries are perfect platforms for LTO-3 as they integrate the industry’s most advanced management features directly into the library; this includes proactive path verification, managed SAN connectivity, scalability as needed, and self-diagnostics, which reduces the need for service calls by 50% over conventional libraries.”

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“It is important to our customers that we offer them LTO-3 as it allows their backup systems to continue to function despite data growth and lower device costs. Both of these aspects are important to users as they provide dependable and secure data protection for short-term file recovery, system-wide disaster recovery, and long-term data retention in support of stated requirements.”

LTO-3 technology will be available in ADIC’s Scalar 24, Scalar 100, Scalar i2000 and Scalar 10K tape libraries and FastStor 2 autoloader which will ship in April 2005. LTO-3 devices provide twice the capacity (up to 800GB per cartridge1) and more than twice the data transfer rate (up to 160MB1/second) of LTO-2 tape devices, as well as being backward compatible with previous generation Ultrium devices.