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Amazon prepares a major update for Kindle

Amazon prepares a major update for Kindle

The second generation of Amazon’s Kindle is not only close, but will represent a major overhaul of the kind Apple has previously given its iPods, says a source reportedly familiar with the reviews speaking to BusinessWeek. The direct replacement for the Kindle is supposedly thinner, more attractive and has a better screen that is described as if Apple jumped from the first-generation iPod to the iPod mini in the same update.

Amazon Kindle

They have jumped from the first generation to the fourth or fifth generation,” the source alleges, adding that the oversized buttons have been changed and so has the user interface.

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The source also allegedly confirms rumors that a Kindle with a larger screen is “coming in the next few months” and that it would be aimed at education, where students generally read larger textbooks rather than novels and other content in smaller form. what the Amazon appliance is built for today.

Price is also a critical factor and could drop its price $360 to as little as $299 or $249 for the standard Kindle, the magazine says. The change would again reflect Apple’s experience, where a price of almost $400 held off casual users, but a drop to less than $299 accelerated sales.

There’s no mention of whether Amazon will make any changes to the Kindle’s free 3G connection, which has been declared a selling point but has been limited to EVDO-based networks in the United States, and thus doesn’t work in Canada, Europe, and the United States. in other areas not served by Sprint.

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Source: Electronist