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  7. Amazon Prime Day 2021: the best deals on Smart TVs with 4K resolution for PS5 and Xbox consoles

Amazon Prime Day 2021: the best deals on Smart TVs with 4K resolution for PS5 and Xbox consoles

Amazon Prime Day 2021: the best deals on Smart TVs with 4K resolution for PS5 and Xbox consoles

Our Amazon Prime Day 2021 selection of the best deals on console 4K Smart TVs.

Our selection of the best deals on gaming Smart TVs forAmazon Prime Day 2021the two-day discount that will end on Tuesday 22 June at 23:59 and guarantees the lowest Amazon prices for the whole of 2021. Here is the official page of the event which is obviously not limited to discounts on technology.

The Prime Day discounts they are obviously reserved for members of the Prime service. Registration costs 36 euros per year or 3.99 euros per month, but can be activated as a free trial for 30 days, as long as you have not already been registered for the service previously. With this subscription you can take advantage of discounts, including those of Prime Day, as well as free deliveries on Prime products, dedicated promotions, the basic Amazon Music service with 2 million songs and Prime Video for streaming series and movies.

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With the arrival of the new generation consoles, televisions equipped with technologies to exploit their characteristics have also arrived. Among these are the 120 Hz refresh even in 4K, the ALLM that reduces latency and the Variable Refresh Rate, which is important to avoid anomalies due to refresh speed problems. Some screens also have G-Sync, which is useful for use in conjunction with PCs equipped with NVIDIA GeForce cards.

In this regard, to captain the clashes we find a G-Sync scheme that also has the advantage of being a 120 Hz OLED. Perfect therefore for next-gen consoles although it is not an LG CX model, a series appreciated for the excellent relationship between price and quality. It does, however, enjoy a high discount, like the Samsung Neo which isn’t OLED, and still travels at 120Hz while boasting an exceptional brightness of 1700 nits. It therefore dominates the subsequent options, limited to 60 Hz but still interesting in terms of price, visual quality and gaming performance.

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The LG OLED65B16LA Smart TV has all the technologies necessary to take advantage of the latest generation consoles. It therefore boasts refresh up to 120 Hz in 4K, G-Sync, ALLM, VRR and HDR enhanced by OLED technology that guarantees absolute blacks. Not all ports are HDMI 2.1, but the two available allow you to connect both new generation Microsoft and Sony consoles or a console and a PC equipped with the latest generation GPU at the same time.

LG OLED65B16LA data sheet

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The Samsung Neo 55QN90A is also designed to take full advantage of the latest generation consoles thanks to the combination of 120 Hz refresh, ALLM and VRR. The technology is not OLED, but the excellent FALD lighting guarantees a very high luminance of 1700 nits which accentuates a very high contrast, on paper of 23500: 1. It must be satisfied, it must be said, with a single HDMI 2.1 port, but it also costs 200 euros less than the LG, thanks to an actual discount of 100 euros on the previous price.

Samsung Neo 55QN90A data sheet

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Let’s move on to the LG Nanocell 65NANO806PA, a cheaper model that is satisfied with 60 Hertz refresh and HDMI 2.0 connectivity, but does not give up good contrast and ALLM technology. It also benefits from proprietary Game Optimizer technology and like the previous panel it is at an effective discount of 100 euros on a price already lowered than the initial one.

LG NanoCell 65NANO806PA data sheet

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With the Samsung QE65Q64TAUXZT we still go down in price with a model from last year that enjoys a discount of 250 euros. In this case the effective luminance is limited to about 300 nits, but the use of VA technology still guarantees excellent contrast. The latency is partially affected, however, compensated by the ALLM technology.

Samsung QE65Q64TAUXZT data sheet

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Another round another discount of 100 euros for a slightly more expensive TV that does not have technologies dedicated to gaming. But the Hisense 65U81QF puts in place a valid 4K upscaler based on artificial intelligence, a valid audio system and ULED technology that by combining Quantum Dot, high quality Local Dimming and an advanced image processing processor chases, at a safe distance , the yield of OLED panels.

Hisense 65U81QF data sheet