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Amazon: the landing in the video game market failed due to mismanagement

Amazon: the landing in the video game market failed due to mismanagement

According to a report by Jason Schreier for Bloomberg, Amazon’s landing in the video game market would have been compromised by mismanagement.

According to Jason Schreier’s account, written for Bloomberg, the landing of Amazon in the video game market has turned out so far bankruptcy due to poor management of the project by the company. That the expectations around the first Amazon branded games were very high is no mystery, just as it is no mystery that so far there have been only holes in the water, between titles launched and canceled within a few weeks such as Crucible, and titles postponed such as New World.

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Apparently, it was the extremely resolute management style typical of Amazon that was particularly compromising, which proved to be unsuitable for managing development teams. So between targets erroneous priorities based on current trends seen in competing games, widespread sexism and racism in the workplace, and lack of competence with video game development, the various projects have struggled to take off.

Schreier had the opportunity to speak with more than thirty developers of Amazon Studios, who have all confirmed management issues with some of the company’s longtime executives and, in particular, VP Mike Frazzini, whose unfamiliarity with the world of video games has been an obstacle to developing projects. Furthermore, Frazzini never wanted to listen to the feedback of expert developers hired to support the newborn sector.

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For example, some of them had told Amazon that New World could have been seen as a racist game for its scenario, but the management did not want to listen, at least until they hired an expert consultant on the subject.

We hope that after this information emerges, Amazon Studios will change course, because so far they have only disappointed.