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An Apple Store? in my neighborhood, not

An Apple Store? in my neighborhood, not

One of the largest Apple stores in New York has a new problem: its angry neighbors. It seems that some local residents and businesses in the SoHo neighborhood of New York where an Apple Store is located are angry about the crowds the store draws – and the recent Jonas Brothers appearance was the final straw, they say. angry neighbors.

The store’s circumstances have worsened when a group of Manhattanites have filed a lengthy protest against the store, complaining about loud parties, littering crowds and middle-of-the-night disturbances.

They are angry about the store that is located on the corner of Greene and Prince, in the shopping district of Manhattan.

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“Since the SoHo Apple Store opened six years ago, it has become the worst neighborhood in SoHo,” SoHo Alliance director Sean Sweeny wrote. “There’s no bar, club or construction site that comes close to the way Apple SoHo continuously ruins our quality of life,” he complains.

In addition, the Johan Brothers apparently “attracted thousands of teenagers who screamed incessantly in the street for hours, blocking traffic, injuring one resident and disturbing many other people and businesses,” he wrote in a letter sent to the city, to police officials. been already Apple management.

Other complaints blame Apple for illegal construction work at night, noise generated by air conditioning, crowds blocking access to homes and businesses, litter, and “Apple employees eating, smoking, and leaving trash on people’s porches.” .”

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Included in the complaint is a point that people sometimes camp overnight on public sidewalks, giving SoHO “the appearance of a homeless camp.”

Source: 9to5 Mac

Photo: Soho store in New York. photo by essygle