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Anthem | EA has a 7-10 year plan for the game

Anthem | EA has a 7-10 year plan for the game

It is not news for everyone who Anthem gives BioWare it was a disaster and had several controversies. The game today has almost no players and their numbers on Twitch, for example, are very low.

However EA still believes in the game. Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, says, “Properties last for generations and run in these 7-10 year cycles. So, if you think about Anthem in a 7-10 year cycle, the start was not what many wanted, including our players. ”

Wilson went on to say, “I feel like this team is really going to get there with something special and something big, because they have demonstrated that they can.”

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EA had reasonably high expectations for Anthem, forecasting six million sales in its first six weeks. However, the Bioware game did not sell well and critics were disappointed with the experience at launch.

After all this, Wilson says, “The teams at Bioware will continue to work every day and listen to feedback from new and old players, and seek to keep the promises they have made to these players.”

Anthem is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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