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Apple launches new products at NAB

Apple launches new products at NAB

Apple had an event planned for the NAB show that takes place in Las Vegas every year. And at this event it has given a good overview of the range of products dedicated to video and audio: Final Cut Pro 5, Motion 2, DVD Studio Pro 4 and Soundtrack Pro.

Apple has presented new versions of these products at the event it had scheduled at the NAB Fair.

After making a presentation of Tiger and some demos of iChat AV and the H264 Codec, with two comparative demonstrations with mpeg2, Final Cut Pro 5 has been presented, with native HDV support, in addition to the HD + IMX 50, Dynamic RT Extreme and with direct support for Panasonic’s P2 format, plus Multichannel Audio (24 channels) – and Multicam support, up to 128 sources.

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After the demo of FCP5, Motion 2 was presented, with Replicator (improved presets), MIDI behaviours, integration with After effects among other features.

Later, SoundTrack Pro has been presented, which includes 50 Logic 7 plug-ins, noise treatment, 5,000 included loops and Scriptable through Automator.

Apple also introduced DVD Studio Pro 4, featuring increased HD and SD encoding speeds, H264 Dolby Digital Professional encoding, Alpha transitions, multiple audio and video tracks, and more.

All these applications are included in a pack called Final Cut Studio, priced at $1,299