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Apple shows h.264 video codec at NAB

Apple shows h.264 video codec at NAB

Apple is demonstrating a version of the h.264 or MPEG-4 Part 10 video codec, based on one of the final h.264 specifications, also known by its trade name AVC. It is one of the most scalable modern video formats, it is designed for all kinds of applications from 3G phones to high definition equipment and of course everything in between. Although it is being designed by the same group as MPEG-4 , according to Frank Casanova director of Quicktime at Apple h.264 is a completely new development from the base of mpeg-4, it is not a simple improvement.

h.264 is an open source codec, several dozen companies participate in it and it will be the codec that future blue laser DVDs will use, since it is the one chosen by the DVD-Forum.

  Apple files a new patent

Currently, blue laser DVDs of up to 50Gb have already begun to be developed by Sony, but Toshiba Hardware has been chosen by the DVD-Forum called AOD, since it uses smaller discs and provides a maximum of 25Gb, which means up to 4 hours of video in HD quality with more than 1080 horizontal lines.

With this announcement, Apple is in one of the best positions in the high-definition video market, supporting 2 of the 3 most used codecs, AVC and MPEG-2.

Microsoft, on the other hand, supports its proprietary Windows Media-based standard for high-definition DVDs.