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Apple Unveils Final Cut Studio 2

Apple Unveils Final Cut Studio 2

Within the framework of NAB 2007, the great audiovisual world fair that takes place in Las Vegas (USA), Apple today announced a major update to Final Cut Studio. This is Final Cut Studio 2: the suite of tools that makes up the most complete and powerful studio for video editing professionals.

NAB, LAS VEGAS (USA) –April 15, 2007–. Apple today unveiled Final Cut Studio 2, a major new version of the industry-leading suite of video production tools that offers new creative tools designed expressly for editors. Final Cut Studio 2 includes Final Cut Pro 6, which introduces Apple’s ProRes 422 format for uncompressed HD quality with proprietary SD-quality file sizes, and support for multiple video formats and frame rates on a single timeline; Motion 3 which is characterized by an intuitive 3D environment, “paint” functions and new behaviors; Soundtrack Pro 2 with dozens of innovative tools for multitrack editing, surround mixing, and matching sound to picture; Compressor 3 that offers powerful batch encoding (batch mode) for multiple formats with a single click; and DVD Studio Pro 4.2 for creating SD and HD DVDs. Final Cut Studio 2 also includes Color, a new professional color correction and finishing application to ensure color consistency and create distinctive color moods or atmospheres.

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“Final Cut Studio 2 was created to enable the rapidly growing worldwide community of more than 800,000 Final Cut editors to animate, mix, adjust and broadcast their work as a natural extension of the editing process,” said Rob Schoeben, vice president of Final Cut Studio 2. Apple Application Product Marketing. “Final Cut Studio 2 is the most powerful suite of production tools on the planet.”

At the core of Final Cut Studio 2 is Final Cut Pro 6, the latest version of Apple’s Emmy Award-winning editing software that includes a new Open Format Timeline that lets editors mix and match virtually any video format and frame rate on the same timeline without transcoding. It also debuts ProRes 422, a new 10-bit 4:2:2 “full raster” post-production format, which produces amazing HD quality with file sizes typical of SD, which makes it ideal for working efficiently both on networks SAN as in a MacBook Pro laptop. Companies including Panasonic, Sony and RED endorse ProRes 422 as an innovation for their future generation of cameras. Final Cut Pro 6 also includes optical flow based on SmoothCam technology to eliminate accidental or inadvertent camera shake with simple, easy-to-use tools. Deep integration with Motion includes the ability to edit Motion templates with video drop zones and editable text fields directly in Final Cut Pro.

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New to Final Cut Studio is the Color app, which puts a logical, task-based color correction and finishing workflow in the hands of all Final Cut Pro editors. Among the primary color corrections enabled by Color features advanced color correction tools such as gamma, boost, and gain adjustments, as well as custom R, G, B, and luma curves; while among the minors is the ability to isolate specific areas of an image with adjustable edge mattes and custom outlined vignettes that can be easily defined. Color’s professional capabilities let you accurately monitor chrominance and luminance values ​​using curves, histograms, and new 3D graphs. The Color application includes more than 20 signature ambiences that can be customized to create a color atmosphere unique to a given project, and offers an easy workflow where projects can be sent directly from Final Cut Pro 6 to Color for color correction. , finishing and final rendering with 32-bit 4:4:4 image processing.

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Motion 3, a new version of Apple’s revolutionary graphics animation software, takes all of the familiar Motion tools and extends them into a 3D environment. New camera behaviors add depth and realism with drag-and-drop simplicity. Vector paint tools allow video editors to easily create brushes with color, particles, video or images. A simple and very precise movement tool automatically maps any image or effect onto the path of any other object. New retiming behaviors allow editors to stop and slide effects on the timeline without keyframes, while new audio behaviors allow users to easily create animations that respond to soundtrack volume and frequency. Motion 3 includes more than 1,500 new design elements, including professional photos, beautifully animated cartoons, and stunning vector graphics.

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An entirely new version of the audio editing application built into Final Cut Studio 2, Soundtrack Pro 2 introduces powerful new multitrack recording and editing tools, with a streamlined interface that simplifies every aspect of the audio post-production process. Soundtrack Pro 2 introduces a revolutionary new visualization that allows editors to precisely align effects and dialogue with visuals. Advanced take management tools allow editors to quickly combine snippets of the best takes to compose consistent performances. Stereo and surround mixing tools allow users to create 5.1 and stereo mixes in the same project, saving time and eliminating costly mistakes. Editors can work with a library of more than 5,000 royalty-free, professionally produced sound effects, including more than 1,000 surround sound effects and evocative multi-channel music tracks. A powerful new Conform tool allows users to synchronize and track changes to picture and sound content.

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Compressor 3, the latest version of Apple’s powerful encoding tool, comes with a new interface and streamlined workflows that make encoding and streaming in multiple formats even easier and more efficient. Powerful batch processing and job chaining capabilities allow publishers to create ultra-high-quality output for a wide variety of broadcast formats with a single click. Compressor 3 expands its support for industry-standard codecs such as MPEG-2 and H.264, including new drag-and-drop presets for streaming content to television, the web, iPod, Apple TV, DVD and mobile phones. Dynamic filters applied during the pre-render phase now support timecode overlays, audio/video fades in and out, and dynamic watermarks that can be applied directly from Motion projects.

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Apple today also announced Final Cut Server: a powerful new server application that works seamlessly with Final Cut Studio 2 to provide media/media management and workflow automation for post-production and broadcast professionals.

Price and availability

Final Cut Studio 2 will be available in May at the Apple Store online (www.apple.com/es) and at the points of sale of Apple’s distribution channel in Spain, at a recommended price of 1,249 euros (VAT included). Registered users of the current version of Final Cut Studio can upgrade for €479 (including VAT), and registered users of any previous version of Final Cut Pro can upgrade for €679 (including VAT). System requirements and more information about Final Cut Studio 2 are available at www.apple.com/finalcutstudio