AS Roma invests in the electronic sports sector in partnership with Mkers

AS Roma, one of the most important football clubs in Italy, has decided to expand the eSport division in collaboration with Mkers, the most important Italian reality dedicated to the world of competitive gaming (you can read our in-depth analysis on the history of the organization) .

As we know, the Mkers have two Romans among their main investors, exceptional Roma players: the ex-footballer of the national team and Roma. Daniel de Rossi and the current Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Alessandro florenzi.

The union of the pieces was born from the important objective of developing and expanding the eSports division of the Capitolino team for the next year, building a Pro Evolution Soccer team with excellent potential (which you can already count on Emiliano Spinelli, former Arsenal) and not only be able to participate in the next eFootball Pro tournaments and ESerie A Championship, but above all to represent the Roman club at all official Konami events.

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The agreement between AS Roma and Mkers, however, will not materialize exclusively in the construction of a team with a high technical level, but will also extend to the identification of a strategic path in the world of competitive gaming, to study the best games to garrison and colonize. To all this, there will also be the organization and management of both physical and online events.

In addition, the creative division of Mkers, which operates as a real digital agency focused on the gaming sector, it will deal with the creation of digital content.

“The rapid development of the competitive gaming world has never left us indifferent. Already in 2017 – explains Francesco Calvo, Operations Director of AS Roma – the Club has started to invest in this market and now, thanks also to this alliance, we intend to expand our eSports division with a view to strengthening and expanding the brand through participation in the most important events of the sector. «

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“The agreement with a company of the caliber of AS Roma allows us to consolidate our position in the esports sector,” he said. Paolo Cisaria, co-founder of Mkers. “The project was born with the mutual intention of doing well both nationally and internationally, thanks to participation in the PES efootball Pro and other export events in various game titles. It is rare to find a club that has the courage to invest concretely in the sector and that goes beyond simple exchanges of goods or alliances with only visibility ”.