Bloodborne free again on PlayStation Plus? It’s just a bug – Updated


Now is the time for numerous promotions in the Sony digital store. Recently, players have not only been able to take advantage of the “All Japan” discounts, but also the Special A Generation Games initiative on the PlayStation Store.

However, it appears that the Brazilian and American players have received an unscheduled draw. To inform is the always very active community of ResetEra, about which some users have reported the possibility that subscribers Playstation plus to redeem Bloodborne completely free. The promotion is reported to be currently active in various PlayStation Stores. Specifically, the testimonials involve the PS Store of the Brazil and the PS Store USA.

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PlayStation Plus subscribers, on the other hand, exclude activation of the promotion on PS Store UK. At the time of writing, not even the Spanish PlayStation Store informs the initiative and version standard Bloodborne proposes 19.99 euros, while the GOTY Edition The FromSoftware game is available at the price of 39.99 euros. These differences and the lack of publicity of the initiative would leave suspect a simple mistake by the PlayStation Stores involved. At the moment, however, there are no official statements from Sony or FromSoftware in this regard.

While we wait for more information, we remind you that you recently found rumors about a Bloodborne Remastered for PS5.

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To update – At the time of writing this article, the game is no longer free in the countries mentioned, also remember that Bloodborne is already part of the Instant Game Collection in Europe.

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