Bloodborne Remaster on PC and PS5, still rumored: test, frame rate and launch window


Among the most loved games in the FromSoftware catalog, Bloodborne He has won the affection of many fans, who have long been asking for followers.

These hopes have so far found no answer from Sony and the software house that Hidetaka Miyazaki leads, but recent rumors have suggested the return of IP in another format. Rumors spread by the YouTube channel PC gaming inquisition in fact, in June they reported Bloodborne Remastered for PC and PS5. Subsequently, other well-known Insiders have relaunched the rumor, while some supposed screenshots of Bloodborne for PC have even appeared on the network.

At the moment, no official confirmation regarding the actual existence of the project, but this does not seem to stop the emergence of new rumors. In particular, from the same PC gaming Inquisition comes new alleged information, reporting a new PC version test held in July. The latter would identify the latest portability issues, while critical bugs would be fixed. With the multiplayer sector fully operational and the possibility of reaching 60 FPS (but not beyond), the development of the Bloodborne Remaster it would be almost complete by now.

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Still, according to Insider, Sony would aim to publish the game in it PlayStation 5 Launch Window. The set could still vary, but PC Gaming Inquisition excludes publication after 2020 and anticipates an announcement “in the coming weeks” The Remastered, closes, will include all Contents of Bloodborne GOTY Edition, but no more new narrative additions.

What do you think? Do you hope these rumors are well founded?

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