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  7. Brussels demands information on copyright reform

Brussels demands information on copyright reform

Brussels demands information on copyright reform

The European Commission wants to know how Spain is implementing the copyright directive in the Spanish legal system. Brussels has given the authorities an ultimatum for not reporting the steps taken to do so, and has warned that if the situation is not corrected in two months, it will condemn him to pay daily fines.

The Court of Justice of the EU already condemned Spain last year for not applying this legislation within the stipulated period. Since then, progress has been made in the reform of the Intellectual Property Law (LPI), which must include said directive and which has already passed the first parliamentary procedures.

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Brussels has announced that it will send a reasoned opinion (second phase of the community infringement procedure) to the Spanish authorities for not having yet communicated the laws that apply the aforementioned directive. If you do not receive a response within two months, the Community Executive will impose on Spain the payment of a daily fine.

The reform of the LPI has caused great controversy, which is still in full swing despite the fact that the text is already in the Senate. Both authors and publishers as well as opponents of the digital canon offer their arguments against a law that very few are happy with.

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Source: The WORLD