Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | Netcode is worse than Black Ops 4, says Youtuber


The netcode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may be the latest controversy in the new game from Infinity Ward. With the beta now over, some players are now expressing their concerns about pinging and how it has affected their experience.

A robust network infrastructure is crucial to the success of any multiplayer game, such as Modern Warfare. However, a recent test is pointing to a significant setback in this year’s game when compared to last year’s Black Ops 4 release.

Based on his experience with the Modern Warfare PC beta, YouTuber Battle (non) sense shared his findings (it’s the beta, so everything can change). He begins by discussing how the beta version used only dedicated servers. One of the problems with Modern Warfare’s netcode is that the ping values ​​shown on the overlay and on the scoreboard are incorrect.

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While the youtuber had a ping of about 28ms, the game only displayed a ping of 7. Of course, many players shared their thoughts on this bug, saying that they suffered from lag problems that were inconsistent with the ping other than the game. showed.

While the video covers other subjects and even covers DICE’s Battlefield games, the most interesting part takes place around 5:00 am, with a network test on dedicated servers between two players with a ping of 28ms. Modern Warfare’s multiplayer netcode is tested on Domination, 20-player Domination and Ground War on various maps.

It is when these numbers are compared to Black Ops 4 that the changes are visible. Modern Warfare’s netcode is clearly inferior to that of 2018’s Call of Duty. However, when other competing FPS enter the scene, the prospects worsen, with Fortnite Battle Royale, Overwatch and even Battlefield 5 showing much higher performances.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare |  Netcode is worse than Black Ops 4, says Youtuber

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released on October 25 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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