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Check out the new FIFA 21 celebrations

Learn how to celebrate new FIFA 21 celebrations

THE EA Sports is already preparing to start the new season of the new FIFA 21, and to make the players even more anxious for its launch, last Tuesday (22) they released a new trailer with the main gestures and new ways to celebrate a goal in their opponent, making their feeling even more intense during the celebrations at the match!

Great world class players appear as highlights in the trailer, among them we have the Portuguese João Félixthe norwegian Haland, besides we can notice the presence of other players as Kevin De Bruyne it’s the Mbappe (main player on the cover of the game) with their respective royal celebrations.

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Among the main news we will have new celebrations when running directly the camera of the stadium or for the fans, in addition we will be able to use the most popular reactions seen in the football world when watching a game of Champions League for example, the player identifies.

See the trailer with the tutorial below:

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