Click the “Show personalized ads” slider to the “off” position to turn off ad tracking.


You can never stream 24/7, sometime you need downtime, even if you are just sleeping. During this time, his Twitch channel remains inactive, doing nothing. While you can leave your page in a banner image welcoming new viewers or notifying visitors when your next broadcast begins, you can also choose to use your broadcast to endorse and promote other streamers.

This process of using your channel to support other streamers is called “hosting” and it basically plays someone else’s broadcast on your channel page. While you can choose to host other transmitters manually, that would require you to remember it regularly and a stream that you recommend is available at the right time. Instead, it’s easier to configure your channel to automatically host one or more channels when they’re live and you aren’t.

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If you want to configure your channel to automatically host your friends’ feeds when you are offline, you can do so through the Creators Panel. To open the panel, click on your profile photo in the upper right corner, then click on “Creator Panel.”

Click on your profile photo, then click on “Creators Panel” to set restrictions on who can create clips of your channel’s content.

Once in the creator panel, expand the “Preferences” category in the left column, then click on “Channel” and scroll down to the third and final section, titled “Automatic Hosting.” To enable automatic hosting, click the “Automatic Host Channels” slider to the “On” position. For this to work, you need to add the channels you want to host to your “host list” and choose how you want to prioritize them.

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To set the prioritization preference for your list, use the “Hosting Priority” setting to choose between “Host channels in order of appearance in the list” or “Random host channels in the list”. Once you have done that, click on “Host List” to manage the channel list it will automatically host.

In the channel preferences, turn on “Automatic Host Channels”, choose your “Hosting Priority”, then configure your “Host List”.

In the list of hosts, find the username of the channels you want to automatically host and click “Add” when you find them. If you have chosen “Host channels according to their order of appearance in the list”, you must click and drag the entries in your list to reorder them according to your preferences.

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Click the “Show personalized ads” slider to the “off” position to turn off ad tracking.Find the channels you want to host automatically, then rearrange them if you need to set their priority.

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