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Deathloop on PS5: Arkane praises DualSense with new gameplay details

The developers at Arkane Lyon await the arrival of Deathloop to PS5 and, from the PlayStation Blog columns, they share a full series of unpublished details about the game and how they will be able to improve it with the help of the DualSense controller.

By promoting the work done by Arkane Studios, Bethesda Softworks Senior Content Manager, Anne Lewis, underlines how each Deathloop weapon will have its own ‘specific feel’ with DualSense, with tangible (literally!) differences in the pressure to be exerted on the trigger at the time of shooting or in the way it will be necessary to reload.

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Thanks to the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of the DualSense, on PlayStation 5 the differences between the rarity levels of the weapons will also be represented by the frequency of failures, with a real blocking of a part of the hit offered by the trigger used to simulate that the trigger sticks. According to Lewis, in addition, “As you watch your character on the screen hit the weapon to make it work, you will hear a knock on the controller that will indicate the unlock of the weapon mechanism.”

Among the other advanced features of Deathloop on PS5, the Bethesda representative cites the “sensory profiles” of the apathetic feedback in actions such as sliding, running, stealth actions or climbing, which is added to the differences felt in the vibration based on the trampled surface and the use ofspeaker driver nextgen to return an even more “immersive” and immersive experience. Deathloop is scheduled for release on May 21, 2021 on PC and exclusive console (temporary and one year) on PlayStation 5.