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Delete your data from iTunes Plus files

Delete your data from iTunes Plus files

As you probably know, the new form of DRM-free iTunes files, called iTunes +, and which is limited -for now- to the agreement signed with EMI, includes your email and other personal data that are embedded with the file itself.

As we are free to stream music as long as it is not for profit, we do not have to be sending files that contain data from our purchase account (this is in case you do not understand why “remove” that data from the files).

French developer Matoumba has released a program called “Privatunes” (for Windows) that does exactly that, remove your personal data from music files purchased under the iTunes+ label. (For the others you’ll still have to resort to burning a music CD with them and re-importing them).

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The French developer gives five strong reasons for this program:

1 – Am I a child who needs his pencils and school bag still marked with his name?

2 – I bought the song, but maybe one day I want to sell it (what is the difference with selling old CDs?)

3 – I am concerned about my privacy. Is it bad?

4 – How do I know that they will not be shared via P2P by my six-year-old niece?

5 – I thought that a good seller-client relationship was based on… what do you call it? “confidence”?

Source: Insanely-great.com