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Demon’s Souls Remake, the preview on the new trailer with lots of new information

Demon’s Souls Remake, the preview on the new trailer with lots of new information

Thanks to a series of interviews with the developers, we finally found out what has changed in the remake of Demon’s Souls. Let’s try to explain it to you in this preview

A few days after the launch of Playstation 5, it is now crystal clear that the title most awaited by core gamers dates back to the now distant 2009. On the other hand, Bluepoint have managed to make a name that cannot be underestimated in the magical field of remakes, and the their skill has allowed many new enthusiasts to rediscover absolute classics with a new (and gorgeous) coat of paint to enhance their impact. In the case of Demon’s Souls, the elements that contribute to amplify the wait are many: the fact that it is “relatively” obscure compared to the Dark Souls that followed it, its always high level of challenge, and the many characteristics that can be improved on the original; a mix of ingredients capable of increasing the hopes of significant retouching, and at the same time attracting an audience still foreign to the creatures of From Software.

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Until now, however, little was known about Bluepoint’s work: other than a beautiful one introductory trailer dedicated to the first area, the changes made were almost unknown, and least of all those related to the content additions. Today, however, we have had confirmations on several levels, thanks to a series of interviews with the developers and a new trailer.

Stonefang Tunnel, see you again

The newly popped gameplay video shows Stonefang Tunnel (this time without easy kills), one of the worlds of the game, and also one of the most frequently visited areas at the beginning of the adventure due to its wealth of materials and the limited resistance to hits of most of the mobs that populate it. The work on the technical sector leaves once again astonished, making clear the desire of the Bluepoints to amplify the “themes” around which the locations of the original had been created (in the case of Stonefang Tunnel, in fact, a sort of huge mine). When observing the gameplayhowever, apart from a much greater subtlety of the animations, there is a response to the hits and a variety of maneuvers practically identical to the original Demon’s Souls. It is now obvious: mechanically this is a 1: 1 remake, with an almost unchanged combat system with all its strengths and weaknesses.

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When asked about this, the developers have specified that they have kept the focus of the title unchanged, and that although there has not been a direct collaboration with From, the project has been treated with the utmost respect, without upheavals. In this remake we will therefore not see additional maneuvers (Demon’s was more basic than Dark Souls in this field), nor heavy rebalancing. In short, wizards will probably still have an easier time than any other Miyazaki game.

This does not mean, however, that there are no changes. Thank goodness it seems that obtaining certain items will be easier, and therefore we will not see people ruining their lives desperate for a Pure Bladestone. However, the developers have also pointed out that grinding is an integral part of Demon’s Souls, and it is therefore foreseeable that the other objects in the game will keep the same percentages.

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Nice tweaks, ugly tweaks

Another choice, however, seemed less happy to us, and is linked to care. Demon’s is infact sadly famous among the From works for its weight limit linked to objects, which many users would have liked to see disappear. Instead, it seems that it will be maintained, with further limitations related to treatment. In this remake it will therefore not be possible to accumulate hundreds of herbs: the weight of those with greater healing abilities will be increased, and there should be a maximum limit to the transportable cures; That said, it’s still unclear whether the cap has been significantly raised from the original, and we’ll investigate as soon as we have the game in our hands.

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Bad news even for those who were expecting completely new content: Bluepoints have confirmed that the sixth broken archstone of the original will in no way be rebuildable. A shame, because we would have liked to see the team grapple with a whole new world, despite the high risks associated with a direct confrontation with From Software. It seems at least that the team actually entered new content, including actually new weapons and armor had already been confirmed. However, they did not want to specify exactly what was added, to avoid spoilers. To these is added the Photo Mode which when used pauses the game … an absolute first time (despite this pause it will obviously not be activated if invaded by another player)

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The responses related to bug and technical sector: Many of the problems of the original game and its bugs that can be exploited to bypass the difficulty of the bosses are gone, although some of the most worthy of memes have been deliberately kept. Even the battle against the Old Monk – which evokes an online player as a boss – will be faithful to the original, and the interface has even been tweaked to finally show clearly the tendency of the various worlds, despite the underlying system being unchanged. Further changes? The soundtrack was remade with the help of an orchestra, and even much of the original cast was recontacted to redo the game characters. It also appears that in the Nexus there will be the ability to memorize multiple characters by spending souls. A titanic work for a remake, in a nutshell.