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EA and Ubisoft conference!

Yesterday after the Conference of Microsoft was held that of IT’S AT And Ubisoft we show you what they presented in these 2 conferences.

The conference ofIT’S AT begins with a trailer of Dante’s Inferno, The Sims 3 and Pet Shop Friends.

Practical demonstration of Need For Speed ​​Shift

Trailer by Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2 and EA Sports Active with demonstration of the new peripheral included in the bundle
Announced Crysis 2 with a short trailer on the screen, the game will arrive on PC,PS3 and Xbox360.

Gameplay shown Grand Slam Tennis with a short practical demonstration with the WiiMotionPlus out in a few days.
Announced and shown The Saboteur

Trailer by Brutal Legend and of All Point Bulletin

Trailer by Star Wars: The Old Republic

After the conference IT’S AT there was the conference of Ubisoft which showcased new games and showcased some previously announced games.

Announcement of the new Avatar game with details given by James Cameron as it is in development step by step with the film.

Practical demonstration of Red Steel 2 with use of the new peripheral Wiimotion Plus

Short trailer of Shaun White: World Stage and Academy of Champions

Practical demonstration of Splinter Cell Conviction

Trailer by Ruse new strategy planned for PC,PS3 and Xbox360 by the end of 2009
Announcement of Your Shapea new gym simulator for Wii.
Ad with trailer of Rabbids Go Homem,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles For Wii scheduled for the end of 2009. Conclusion of the conference with a trailer of No More Hereos 2 and of Assassins’ Creed 2 (November 17)

By Owen Cox

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