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EA | Battlefield 6 arrives in 2021 or 2022, Dragon Age 4 2023 says company

EA | Battlefield 6 arrives in 2021 or 2022, Dragon Age 4 2023 says company

If you were hoping to see a new Battlefield, don’t expect a new one to be released next year, along with the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. During the second quarter 2020 results conference, EA executives confirmed that the next game in the franchise created by DICE will not be available until fiscal 2022, meaning that the end of 2021 is a likely launch window for the game.

it was a very thoughtful decision for us and there were some factors that came into play. And the first is that we still see a growing opportunity with Battlefield V. And, as I said in the prepared remarks, we are about to release new features for the game, and the team is still thinking, how can they continue to drive this service in the future. So we think there are still opportunities within the Battlefield V experience, as it was built as a great service from the start.

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The second is that we now effectively have an annualized shooter, Apex Legends, and we see a tremendous growth opportunity that can continue to be involved, as we talked about in the prepared remarks, now with more than 70 million players. And, as Blake said, we have the opportunity to take this to other regions and other platforms. And we think it is a tremendous opportunity for growth and we want to ensure that we give it the time it deserves.

And I believe that, in combination with the first three things I said about the launch of Battlefield in fiscal 22, it is a very strong decision for us and presents us with an opportunity for two years of strong growth.

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There seem to be two main reasons: to be able to wait until the next generation consoles start to work perfectly and are stabilized, in addition to giving DICE enough time to provide a cutting edge product that also comes with some innovations. Meanwhile, EA will capitalize on Apex Legends, in addition to Battlefield V.

Dragon Age fans will have to wait even longer, as CFO Blake Jorgensen said the next game is likely to come after fiscal year 2022 (i.e., after March 2022).