Electronic Arts: Canada class action against Madden’s lootbox and NHL

Two Canadian players have filed a class action lawsuit against Electronic Arts in Canada, accusing the company of making money from its sports game loot boxes using ********-like methods and mechanics.

It is not the first time EA has had to defend itself against similar allegations, the latest lawsuit dates back to August in California, with attacks related to in-game purchases from FIFA Ultimate Team. Regarding the new class action lawsuit, the two Canadian clients cite in particular the Madden NFL loot box and various NHL series games, the law firm in charge has invited everyone who has ever purchased prize bags or boxes at Electronic Arts games since 2008 to join the class action.

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In canada there is no real law that governs the game Unlike other countries that have already banned loot in Electronic Arts games such as Holland and Belgium, not forgetting Japan and Korea, where the mechanics that regulate these contents have been compared to those of ********, capable of creating addiction. on many subjects.

Electronic Arts Canada has yet to comment on the story, we await company press releases.