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Europe wishes you “Merry Christmas”, Microsoft

The European Court of First Instance has decreed a sentence in the “Microsoft case”, confirming the sanctions decided by the European Commission in March this year when it accused the Redmond giant of monopoly with Windows. Microsoft has managed to evade responsibility in the North American courts but in Europe it has had no choice but to abide by the decision and announce a Windows without Media Player.

According to the ruling, Microsoft must share its technical secrets with the competition and create a specific version of its operating system without Media Player. This decision can be appealed before the European Court of Justice but at least the sanctions have not been “frozen” which is what Microsoft intended.

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The company has assured that “the Commission’s legal measures will be of little benefit to European competitors and users, and will even harm many users of the Windows operating system and thousands of companies throughout Europe whose business is built around the Windows platform.” But it has not taken long to abide by the decision and ensure that the new edition of Windows without Media Player will be available to users in February.

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