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Even the head of PlayStation Studios has his PS5 upside down

PS5 structure confuses players

Although the new Sony be a consumer dream for many players, we cannot deny that the structure of the PS5 it’s confusing. Therefore, many reported that they had difficulty understanding the correct position to place their console, since the appearance of it does not help. However it seems that it was not just the players who had this difficulty, even the head of the PlayStation Studios also did not know how to put it in the right way.

On the morning of this last Sunday (13) the head of the company, called Hermen Hulst, published an unusual video on his social network and ended up leaking the position of his PlayStation 5. At first the idea of ​​the video published by the head of the PlayStation Studios was to show your cat attacking your television while playing the Bugsnax. Although it is a short and simple video, you can see the console lying upside down, that is, in its reverse and wrong position.

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See the publication below:

My cat really wants his #Bugsnax ?? pic.twitter.com/ePNNaT0YIU

– Hermen Hulst (@hermenhulst) December 13, 2020

If you ask yourself what would be the correct way to position your new generation console, the answer is simple. Just use the support that comes with the product box and place it fixedly on the PlayStation 5 to keep you safe in your position.

Finally, to guarantee your Playstation 5 and not be left out of all the news and features that the new generation offers, the console is already on Amazon and you can purchase yours at the links below:

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