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Ricard expresses the skepticism of many of Apple’s marketing:

As for that they run 4 times more than the G4, well I question it. Before, not so long ago, a G4 with a lower clock frequency than intels performed a gazillion percent more than the latter. Now a G4 at the same frequency as an intel core duo (two processors) runs 4 times less than the latter.

This smells like outright marketing. Neither those of before ran as much, nor those of now are as superior as they are painted (with very cool graphics). Anyway, patience.

Juan de Dios explains that new computers do have software:

Applications with universal binaries, VersionTracker and other sites will have lists of already binary applications. For the rest, Rosetta. Is that not having software?

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Satanic expresses his surprise at the price difference between Spain and the United States:

If we consider € 1 = $ 0.87, we get that 1999 × 0.87 = € 1739. This is € 300 cheaper than what is sold in Spain. Wouldn’t it be much more profitable to buy it in the US?

Neil provides examples to make “real” conversions from American to Spanish prices:

In the United States you have to increase the tax in dollars, which is 6.5%, that is, 1999 * 6.5% = 2129 dollars … there if you can start making conversions to euros

SNSLPA had a question:

Do they have BIOS, EFI, OPEN FIRMWARE … OR WHAT? Nothing at all is specified on the developer’s website, the Transition kit had BIOS and Windows could be installed perfectly. If these new devices have BIOS it would be a hoot since they would be universal computers in which we can put Mac OS X in one partition and Windows in another for programs that are exclusive to Windows. apart from that, if we only want to use Mac OS X but we want to use a Windows program, we can compile Wine and run Windows applications. Surely that will put it in Leopard …

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Coolkamio (in a conversation on iChat) said:

Fish tank pirates who want to put it in the clones have it raw … even if they crack it, they are going to need a new machine with yonah and EFI.

There are no 32bit windows that support EFI. There are 64bit windows with EFI support. But 32-bit windows will support EFI in a matter of weeks.

And in any case, the windows 64bits does support EFI, so when the merom arrives it would work.

Another thing that is possible, is being EFI extensible, that Apple offers a kind of compatibility layer with the BIOS

EFI on Wikipedia (English)

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