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Facebook collapses by 16% on the stock market, blamed on lost earnings from the mobile sector.

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure, This is what Mark Zuckerberg must have thought when he decided to open Facebook, and how can you blame him! Today social blue is in fact getting ever closer to reaching 1,000,000,000 (one billion) friends, but the Nasdaq doesn’t seem to agree much with the popular sayings.

The day after the publication of the half-yearly accounts FB stock collapses on the American technology stock exchange, the shares are traded at $22.51 with a decline of 16.1%.

The situation is even more worrying when you consider the debut price of last May 18th which was set at $38 per share with an overall decline of 40%.

What has worried analysts the most is the inability chronic on the part of Facebook to generate revenues from the mobile sector which is becoming increasingly used by users fond of the social network to stay in touch with your “friends” even away from your home PC.

This inability was revealed yesterday when it was seen from FB’s information sheet that theThe second quarter of 2012 closed with a loss of 157 million dollarswhile last year there was a profit of 159 million.

The accounting treatment of stock options granted to employees and the payment of taxes linked to this form of remuneration also weighed on the accounts.

Turnover instead rose by 32% to 1.18 billion and advertising revenues improved by 28% to 992 million, representing 84% of overall revenues.

Personally I believe that if Facebook invested a little more in the development of a decent application things would be better, but a company’s choices are not easy to analyze.

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By Henry Alexander

an accomplished IT professional with a wealth of experience in the high-tech industry. As the IT Team Lead for Validation and Embedded Software at Qualcomm, he leverages his expertise to drive innovation and ensure optimal performance. With a career spanning over 40 years in Silicon Valley startups and consulting, Henry has been at the forefront of technological advancements. From software engineering to management positions, his diverse skill set has enabled him to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Currently, as an IT Manager and Web Administrator, Henry continues to contribute his knowledge and expertise to shape the digital future.