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Facebook launches Clubhouse platform to compete with Spotify.

Facebook launches Clubhouse platform to compete with Spotify.

Zuckerberg’s company joins the fight in competitive businesses to secure a leadership position among digital mega-platforms. Facebook this week launched Audio Rooms (Live Audio Rooms, in English), a tool to create spaces where users can speak with the public only through voice. In other words, he made his own version of the Clubhouse. This premiere also adds its own podcasting (audio) platform to cope with the massive growth of Spotify, which elegantly wears two crowns: the music industry and the delayed audio programming industry. Mark Zuckerberg’s company, used to running a small group of mega-digital platforms, enters the race.

Club squared: In the battle for audio, Facebook isn’t just taking on the club’s pioneering headquarters. In fact, he’s late for the arena. It will also have to compete with Reddit (from RedditTalk), Discord (which launched Stage), Telegram (from Voicechats 2.0), and Spaces from Twitter. Of course, none of them have 2.7 billion active Facebook users in their portfolio. And this is an advantage for the giant, because rooms on Facebook work in a very similar way to Clubhouse or Spaces.

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The presenter can invite speakers in advance or during the interview, and there can be up to 50 speakers without limiting the number of listeners. The user in the conversation can also activate subtitles, click raise their hand to ask to speak, and use real-time response. Additionally, Facebook also notifies you when a friend or follower is added to the room. The service is available through notifications and in the newsfeed, you can subscribe to receive reminders when the room starts.

The host can also choose a non-profit organization or fundraiser for listeners to support during the call. Both guests and speakers can donate directly. In addition, listeners can also show their appreciation to the presenter of the room by sending stars (star packets) and can line up in the front row; a special section that highlights the people who submitted the stars so that the hosts can contact them directly.

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For now, audio rooms are only available to users in the United States, but will be available in other regions in the coming months. These slots are available for both iOS and Android operating systems, unlike Clubhouse, which took over a year to launch an Android app, whose devices account for just over 86% of distributed units compared to 14% for iOS. Manzana. To appeal to the American market, the company added public figures such as Grammy-nominated electronic music artist TOKiMONSTA on female excellence and overcoming obstacles, and American football quarterback Russell Wilson on how to train the mind like an athlete from elite.

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Speakers from the audio rooms also include activist Rosa Clemente, professional esports gamer Omareloff, and social entrepreneur Amanda Nguyen. “In the coming weeks, we will increase the capacity of more public figures and groups to run a live audio room and introduce new features for both experiences in the coming months,” Facebook explained in a statement.

Eyes on Spotify Podcasts is the second floor of the company. You can listen to them on the mini player or in full screen with playback options even if the screen is not turned on. All of this can be found on user pages or in the news, and listeners can react, comment, bookmark and share their favorite shows on their profiles. Facebook has also made strategic alliances with influencers to promote their podcasts.

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Content creators such as rapper Joe Budden, comedian Jess Hilariousm, and actress Becca Tobin are part of the portfolio of programs that the social media site will offer. “Later this summer, we will introduce additional features like subtitles and the ability to create and share short clips from the podcast. Over time, we will create more and more unique social experiences around podcasts that take advantage of the best interactive and personalized features of Facebook, ”the company added in a statement.

If, in the case of audio rooms, the competitor is the Club, in the case of audio (podcasts), the battle is with Spotify. The company has been betting on podcasts for several years, an industry that grows more and more and that only in the United States has 104 million listeners per month, according to the latest report by Edison Infinite Dial.

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In addition, this year Spotify revealed an ambitious plan to promote and revolutionize the podcasts of its platform by improving sound quality, audiovisual implementations through strategic alliances, new programs with characters such as Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama, Joe Rogan or Kim Kardashian and the mega expansion in African markets. Asia and Latin America Another fact Facebook has to grapple with is that Spotify has tripled the amount of audio on its platform, with its offering growing from 700,000 podcasts in 2019 to 2.2 million in 2021. A study published earlier this year month by the statistics service Statista shows that Spotify was the number one podcast provider in 2020, with a market share of 31%, ahead of Apple Podcasts (22%), Pandora (13%) and iHeartRadio (11%) . , its main competitors.

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There, Facebook hopes to sneak in. And also Amazon, which in April announced the expansion of its podcasting services across Europe. Clubhouse and Spotify are pioneers in their platforms and have shown, in their own way, that whoever hits first hits twice. Overcoming them will not be easy, especially when the dispute of the giants in the market for attention and digital consumption is late.