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Farming Simulator 19: all information about the new farming simulator

Farming Simulator 19: all information about the new farming simulator

Farming Simulator it is that type of production that pleases everyone. On the one hand, hardcore gamers, and on the other hand, those relatives who are quick to suggest that we stop playing and go «work in the field«Contribute to the growth of the company. Well, with the title of Giants Software we can combine business with pleasure: the brand has been carrying the company name for 10 years, offering an increasingly rich simulation and capable, over time, of forging a portion of very loyal and unwavering users. .
Therefore, also in 2018 the arrival of the last born of the series could not be missing, namely that Farming Simulator 19 ready to expand, refine and “magnify” the formula of its predecessor. Meet at the event What’s next from Focus? However, the developers have kept their mouths shut about the strictly playful news of the new chapter, limiting themselves to explaining in detail all the refinements made to the technical sector of the game, without showing us even a “seed”. » of gameplay. Not bad: a good tractor, moreover, can also be seen from the body…

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NB: Pending official screenshots, the images that accompany the article are taken from previous editions.

the country boy

The very little information on the game’s content offering concerns the addition of new maps to the pack. For now we have been presented with two unpublished areas, one set in America and the other in Europe, along with the well-known Estancia Lapachointroduced in the Platinum Edition of Farming Simulator 17. Just taking this last area as a model, the development studio has started to revisit all the huge graphical advances that have benefited from the Giant engine.

Using a proprietary engine allowed the team to have greater flexibility in the changes and improvement process: Farming Simulator 19, from this point of view, is the perfect example of the versatility of the aforementioned engine, capable of making truly exponential qualitative leaps from the visual point of view. In short, the entire presentation focused on the technical updates made in the last chapter. As a demonstration of the radical change, we were shown some comparative screenshots of the renovated Estancia Lapacho: the new management of the light sources, now warmer, more voluminous and realistic, immediately catches the eye, alongside which there is a greater detail in the textures, in the refraction of light rays and the formation of shadows. The sky, in this sense, has been properly recreated: where before the celestial vault was nothing more than a mostly static image, now the horizon is “dynamic”, and reacts differently depending on the movement of the sun, which obviously marks the He passed. of time. As the developers have promised us, therefore, players only need to look up to guess the time of day, understand how much time is left until sunset or sunrise, and thus regulate the rhythms of country life. . All this would not be possible without adequate filtering of the light, made possible by a more likely cloudiness, to which the alternation of peaceful and rainy moments is also linked, following a variable weather that, as expected, affects the mechanics. of gameplay.

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Also connected to Dynamic Weather is Volumetric Fog, which features a whole host of post-processing filters, flawless to ensure a stunning look. The merit lies above all in a completely renewed lighting, which affects in a diversified way the numerous natural and artificial materials of the stage, from the naturalistic surfaces to the vehicle frames. The result, compared to the past, is impressive, and the images shown on the screen show a monstrous technical leap. The vehicles, in particular, have taken on incredible realism: for the occasion, Giants Software has also announced the addition of a new harvester to the line. Ideal AGCOnot yet commercialized, which will debut in Farming Simulator 19. The number of vehicles, for its part, has increased dramatically, as have the customization tools and alliances with the main brands in the sector. Following the philosophy of “bigger and better”, this umpteenth episode will have greater freedom in the customization of the digital “farmer”, which will go beyond the simplistic male / female division to offer many additional possibilities, which unfortunately have not been listed more specifically. From the conversation with the team, it was revealed that there will be new types of animals (such as horses) as well as additional types of crops and, clearly, many extra missions, in which we can experience an increase in the artificial intelligence of the helpers.
Unfortunately, we don’t know how the virtual supporting actors will change their routines. We don’t even know what new assignment development system will be grafted onto the in-game economy: so there are still countless uncertainties about it. Farming Simulator 19. During our meeting, Giant Software has faced a large number of intentions and goals, mostly of a technical-graphic nature, revealing only with an eyedropper the improvements made to the progression system and gameplay. Before getting on board our tractor (presumably around the fall of 2018), therefore, the seeds to be spread are still many…