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FIFA 20: Five things we want in the new EA Sports game

FIFA 20: Five things we want in the new EA Sports game

Let’s try to imagine FIFA 20 waiting for announcement and official news: this is what we would like in the new football by EA Sports

In spite of some criticisms, FIFA 19 marked a further positive turning point for the series, especially thanks to the newfound license for the UEFA Champions League and a series of improvements in the gameplay and in the various game modes offered, especially the main ones, namely Career , The Journey and FIFA Ultimate Team. Continuing to follow this path, with the next FIFA 20, EA Sports aims to refine his creation better and consequently to consolidate its position at the top in the field of football simulations. But what could further improve the already excellent Canadian production? Waiting for the EA Play of the next 8 June 2019, a streaming event where Electronic Arts will reveal the first official details on the game, let’s try together to propose (and exchange through the forum) some ideas, focusing our attention, as in the article dedicated to PES 20, on five key points such as licenses, modes, playability, online sector and technique.

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Given that FIFA 20 will probably restart from the solid foundations of its predecessor, we do not expect real upheavals. Rather we think of a few but substantial innovations that can make the general experience even more beautiful. First of all we hope that the licenses for the most important national and international tournaments, especially for clubs, and that maybe they are introduced new leagues such as our Serie B and maybe someone for women’s football, above all UEFA Women’s Champions League. Then, as always, we expect some tweaks to make the other main game modes more and more exciting, namely FIFA Ultimate Team, The Journey and Career.

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FUT improves and broadens its offer from year to year, introducing interesting innovations that renew the experience. Well, even in FIFA 20 we would like to see some that can improve the mode: a kind of mode Career or greater control over the personalization of jerseys, logos and aspects of your team through a convenient editor would be welcome for example. Regarding Travel, we’re curious to see what EA will do as Alex Hunter’s adventures have ended. In this sense we do not expect a revolution or a new modality, but only a change of “characters” and history.

So let’s launch an idea here too: why not draw up an agreement with some samples and tell their true story from the beginning to today? The world of football is full of athletes who started playing on the street, often to distract themselves from the miserable conditions in which they lived with their families, and who then found fame and success. A social redemption obtained with many sacrifices and commitment, worthy of being told to millions of young people. Finally the Career mode: we liked the one of FIFA 19, but in FIFA 20 some more options in terms of negotiations (possibility of inserting more technical counterparts, of paying in installments over several years and of talking better and without abrupt interruptions with the players who refuse a first engagement) and scouting, a leaner training structure and a editor to update the look of the athletes in the organic we would not mind.

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Turning to the gameplay, our hope is that in FIFA 20 developers will continue to hone past flaws, while refining those proven mechanics that have led the series to become the reference point for many football fans. 360 degree movement, full incidence on shots and passes and extreme reactivity of the players they are important concepts that have been improved over time, but which are still perfectible. In this sense, it seems that EA Sports is working on the artificial intelligence of athletes, especially for defensive movements. These precautions in the phase of coverage will also involve the contrast system, which in case of use of the manual defense could give a lot of satisfaction to the players, thanks to a series of new animations related to the containment movements, to the doubling of marking and more realistic execution times.

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In this perspective, we would like to intervene on the emotional aspects as well, to ensure that the athletes react credibly to the progress of the match, to the context, to their state of form and even to the behavior and participation in the game of the entire collective. . A player who is whistled or who sees his teammates floundering could thus be negatively affected in the plays or, on the contrary, bring out his character and drag his colleagues literally loading the team on his shoulders with a temporary “upgrade” of his technical parameters. From this point of view it seems that the latter will have a greater weight on the field in FIFA 20: rumors speak of a recalibration of the system of passes and shots that should take even more account of the skills of the athlete who executes them and his state of form, elements that will affect their outcome even when timed finalizations are used. Moving on to the sector onlinewe hope to no longer be faced with the connection problems that, especially in recent months, have battered FIFA 19 and its modes linked to the Network.

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With a view to making his football simulation extremely credible also from a visual point of view, we hope that for FIFA 20 Electronic Arts will enter into new agreements with our League and the various clubs, and therefore make many Italian users happy by performing a work of face digitization real players even for those clubs that have never enjoyed, or have done so only partially, of this treatment. So, in addition to updating those of the big Milan, Juventus and Inter, do all those of Rome, Lazio, Atalanta, Naples, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Turin and so on. For the rest, given the good work last year, for the graphic part we would be fine with some general aesthetic retouching and the presence of dynamic weather. On the front of the sound, some new comments from Pierluigi Pardo, with fewer lines and more substance, and a few more lines of dialogue with the second voice would be good for the audio sector. From this point of view, don’t want the good Stefano Nava, we would also like a change between him and a more credible commentator in the interventions, so as to be less recited and mechanical. In the same way, the interventions from the sidelines of Barzaghi, which in FIFA 19 were useless and out of place: what sense does it make to intervene to know how much is missing at the end? Either EA gives a watch to Pardo and completely eliminates Barzaghi, or with the latter you register new phrases in keeping with the role of sideline: reports on the state of tension of the coaches on the bench in a hot moment of the match, possible movements of players in view of a change, climate of the stands seen from the field, and so on.

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That’s it: and you, what would you suggest to EA to make FIFA 20 even better?