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Fire Emblem Echoes, Warriors and Heroes: all the news of the Nintendo series

Fire Emblem Echoes, Warriors and Heroes: all the news of the Nintendo series

In the beginning Intelligent System created Famicom Wars and only then created fire emblem. However, while the cartoon war has experienced flashes of popularity and periods (such as the current one) of absolute silence, strategic fantasy with psychologically delineated characters and, above all, incapable of reappearing after death, has always continued with great constancy, driven by for a love at home. worthy of very few other series 26 years after the debut on the NES we are here to retrace the Fire Emblem Direct, broadcast on January 18. A short broadcast, in which 4 video games from the series were presented, aimed at 3 different platforms: the remake Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia for 3DS, fire emblem warriors for Switch and New Nintendo 3DS, fire emblem heroes for smartphones and a new regular episode for Switch coming in 2018.
Beautiful poker that projects the series into a future brighter than ever!

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Fire Emblem: Echoes

In the kingdom of Valentia, two nations clashed over the centuries before ushering in a period of peace under the banner of all for themselves: Duma in the north and Mila in the south. The latter was a rich and prosperous kingdom. its inhabitants lived comfortably and indulged in earthly pleasures… even the excesses of depravity; Duma, on the other hand, lived in a harsher geographical context and gradually developed a warrior spirit, introducing rigid military discipline and strengthening the army.

They were like Athens and Sparta and, like the two Greek cities, sooner or later they met in battle giving life to their own Peloponnesian War for dominance of Valentia.
Echoes has as its protagonists Alm and Celica, a warrior and a priestess, who for different reasons will be involved in the conflict in antagonistic positions. A dedicated Amiibo for both is already planned, though the game’s features have yet to be revealed. It is the plot of fire emblem gaiden, which appeared only in Japan in 1992 on the NES, and of which Echoes is the improved remake adapted to the contemporary graphic style, that is, with a fully three-dimensional graphic sector. An operation that Intelligent System had already proposed with Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, remake of the first chapter of the series (unreleased in Europe) released on the Nintendo DS. Gaiden first and Echoes now try to combine classic checkerboard combat with a world map borrowed from JRPG classics, including exploring underground cities and dungeons. Fire Emblem: Echoes is already close to publication on Nintendo 3DS, as it will be released on May 19.

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fire emblem warriors

Announced during the Nintendo Switch presentation last week, fire emblem warriors is the Musou set in the medieval world of the Intelligent System series, in development by the Omega Force sub-team who had already done a good job with Hyrule Warriors, spin-off from The Legend of Zelda. Unfortunately, we were expecting a lot more details about this game to come out in October 2017, but the Direct has only re-proposed the trailer seen last week with a larger close-up of Marth slicing through a group of enemies with a single combo. , while in the background, a rock rearrangement of the main theme of the saga is heard.

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Koei Tecmo wanted to take the opportunity to announce that the game will also be released on New Nintendo 3DS, a bit like last year’s Hyrule Warriors. But beware that 2DS and the first generation of 3DS will not be able to boot the cartridge: after Hyrule Warriors frame rate problems occurred enough to force the development team to drastically reduce the number of enemies shown on the screen, Koei Tecmo decided to work exclusively on the latest dual-screen laptop hardware update.

Fire Emblem Heroes

More than half of the Direct was devoted to Fire Emblem Heroesthe mobile debut of the series and the great opportunity to introduce the franchise to many new users, potentially anyone who played Pokémon Go in 2016 and super mario run. Like Warriors, Heroes draws heavily on the history of the franchise by selecting the heroes that have stayed in the hearts of players the longest. The latter are summoners tasked with calling all legendary heroes to fight alongside the kingdom of Askr to prevent total destruction.

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The gameplay is very classic and the graphic style is exquisitely two-dimensional: the touch screen interface with a drag and drop setup is captivating and suitable for novice gamers. Memorize Sword beats Axe, Ax beats Lance, and Lance beats Sword and you’re ready to launch into Fire Emblem battles right on your smartphone’s (vertical) screen. Fire Emblem Heroes It will be available from February 2 on Android, while distribution on iOS will continue in the following months. The chosen business model is free-to-play, which is mostly free although some options are paid, starting with the bonuses to buy increasingly powerful heroes to be introduced in your group of 4 fighters. It should be noted that precisely by virtue of the economic sacrifice to buy and enhance a character, death on the battlefield is not permanent, overturning a ten-year tradition of the series…

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fire emblem switch

The series will appear in 2018 on nintendo switch with a regular episode, exactly 10 years after the last episode on a domestic platform, radiant dawn for Wii. Without further details we can only fantasize about the features that the Switch will give to Fire Emblem: the hybrid nature will certainly allow you to continue a game started at home even on the train at a later time, while the two Joy-Con take up the configuration of the The SNES platform will allow easy access to multiplayer options. It is also true that more than any touch control or who knows what other feature they will come up with, perhaps the most interesting news related to fire emblem for Switch resides in the graphic sector that will be fully three-dimensional in accordance with the style inaugurated with Path of Radiance on Gamecube.