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Fire Emblem Three Houses: a kingdom to conquer on Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Three Houses: a kingdom to conquer on Nintendo Switch

It happened almost in secret, during the Nintendo Direct based more or less completely on the fifth chapter of Super Smash Bros, and yet the new fire emblem It is not a game to be underestimated. Despite the few seconds granted to it during the broadcast, the latest iteration of this storied franchise is among the Big N’s most ambitious projects for several reasons. First of all, it should be the first flagship title coming to Nintendo systems in 2019, covering a (too) generic “.spring”. Apart of this, Fire Emblem Three Houses marks the debut of the Intelligent Systems series in the realm of high-definition gaming, bringing to Switch a saga that for ten years has only seen the release of episodes for the DS and 3DS. Unfortunately, the Kyoto house had very little information, forcing us to watch and review that single trailer for barely mentioned news and details, leaving room for the musings of curious and passionate people. In short, what should we expect from our neighbor? fire emblem?

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One console, two with joy, three houses

We start from a single certainty: we do not know anything with certainty about Three houses. The thirteenth incarnation of the brand born in 1990 is still shrouded in mystery in terms of plot and location, so we don’t feel able to unbalance what’s shown in the very short trailer.

What is certain is the reconfirmation of the medieval environment so dear to the series, thus abandoning the drift towards the aesthetics of feudal Japan undertaken with the premiere of Fates, the highly successful and discussed tripartite chapter that appeared on 3DS a couple of years ago. it does.
This scenario must be the background of a war between different factions (probably three noble families, if you want to keep faith with the game’s title) driven by religious reasons, considering how much the introduction video is willing to let us know the importance. look of a goddess who observes the behavior of human creatures from above. Men who, never as in the case of Three Houses, really seem to form the ranks of an army, instead of a small handful of heroes as in previous episodes. On fire emblem Coming to Switch, in fact, it appears that players will not only be moving individual party members around on the now-canonical chessboard, but will have small platoons at their disposal, each in support of the attack brought by the different heroes. In the few seconds of the film, the direction focuses on a girl named Edelgard, engaged in battle against the enemy and intending to learn new techniques. In the moments dedicated to the fight, Fire Emblem Three Houses, at first glance, does not seem willing to revolutionize its game formula, if it were not for the aforementioned combat squads. The Chinese morra weapon system, divided as always into axes, spears, and swords, has not been abandoned; There are also archers and winged knights, crazed pawns on the game board capable of nullifying the outcome of a given battle. What appears to present instances of change within a now-canonical gameplay formula is the small section of the trailer devoted to learning the techniques. The impression is that players will play the role of an avatar again this time, as they have in the series’ recent outings in the handheld arena. This character, in all likelihood, will be the tutor of the blonde Edelgard, since a few seconds of the video show the girl impatient to learn the subject of the day’s lesson, focused on the styles of fighting with the axe. So the exploration of the environments that we were able to appreciate last spring seems to return in Fire Emblem Echoe: Shadows of Valentia, an atypical remake of the second chapter of the saga, originally published only on the Famicom.

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What’s more, Three houses It could also bring with it a management component, focused on the maintenance and improvement of the castle belonging to the faction of the protagonists (in this sense: that the players can choose which of the three to side with?).

Out of focus emblem

If the playful side of Fire Emblem Three Houses Good omen, we are convinced that more than one eyebrow has been raised when seeing the technical performance of the production. We know the Switch isn’t exactly a power monster, however the Nintendo hybrid has already shown satisfying capabilities from a visual standpoint. Three houses doesn’t seem to be covered in the most beautiful graphics ever admired, but we needn’t fear: in the most optimistic of expectations, the Intellygent System title won’t be on shelves for another ten months, a long enough period of time to improve engine performance. Another aspect that leaves us confused at the moment is the lack of a game mode developed specifically around the characteristics of the Switch: all the first party products that have appeared on the console so far have taken advantage of the peculiarities of the machine and its control system.

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Frankly, it’s kind of strange that Nintendo hasn’t insisted on some form of local multiplayer. We reserve the right to wait for more trailers, which we are sure will not be long in coming, in order to lose balance in the analysis of the new fire emblem, a work that we are looking forward to having in our hands. Looking forward to next spring, and the future Nintendo Direct, follow us here on Everyeye.it