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Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Black Eagles

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Black Eagles

Let’s find out more about the Black Eagles, the house we chose in the game we’re playing for the review

As you certainly know by now, Fire Emblem: Three Houses it is called like this because, at the beginning of the adventure, we will have to choose which house to follow as teachers. The story begins when Byleth, the male or female character who represents us in the game, accidentally saves three students from the monastery of Garreg Mach. He succeeds thanks to the mysterious power of Sothis, a strange girl that only he can perceive and that allows him to briefly rewind time. Her abilities persuade Rhea, the priestess who commands the monastery, to recruit Byleth as a teacher. The three boys we saved are in fact Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude, the leaders of the three families in which the students of the monastery are divided: respectively, the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions and the Golden Deers.

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The adventure really begins only after choosing the house, for it is only then that we gain our own small army, initially made up of the eight students who make up our class. The choice of the house influences the story of the game and the relationships that are established between the various characters, leading to completely different cinematics, battles and endings. In this special we want to tell you which house we chose to play Fire Emblem: Three Houses before writing our own review. We will reveal some tasty details about the characters and attitudes of our students and we will explain how we are training them, which classes we have chosen up to this point and why. We will not anticipate any important details of the story, rest assured, but don’t keep reading if you really don’t want to know anything about the game and the Black Eagles, the house we have decided to support.

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There is no specific reason, in terms of gameplay, that led us to choose the Black Eagles. Before finalizing our choice, we carefully examined the students who were part of each house and we expressed our preference in the most instinctive way possible: we basically chose the ones we liked the most. We must admit that it wasn’t easy because most of the characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses don’t particularly stand out in terms of appearance, in the sense that there are very few characteristic students, perhaps also because they wear uniforms that are all the same. The Black Eagles had a couple of characters with fairly bland portraits, but we’re talking about Fire Emblem and therefore a game in which dialogue and characterization define the characters more than their designs. In this sense, Three Houses did not betray us: in the end we opted for the Black Eagles because Edelgard she seemed to us the most interesting leader of the three, but fortunately she is surrounded by an intriguing cast of classmates.

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Edelgard von Hresvelg

Edelgard is the representative of the Black Eagles, practically the head of class, as a princess and heir to the throne of the Aldrestian Empire. As such, Edelgard is a practical, serious and determined character who intends to reign to the best of her ability. This also makes her particularly detached, but as we get to know her we will discover some details of her tragic past that will help us better understand her point of view. In our game we struggled to place Edelgard in a precise position. Initially, the princess seems particularly inclined to Command and Ax combat, but her proficiency in Reason unlocks unique abilities, so we initially promoted her to Nun, only to then train her in the art of the Sword to promote her to Lord and make her show off a beautiful costume. Our next goal is to train her in her Flight to change her class to Wyvern Knight.

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Hubert von Vestra

Hubert is a creepy-looking character with an even darker character. He is basically Edelgard’s attendant: he has followed her everywhere since they were children and her job is to protect her at all costs. He is so devoted to his princess that he regards everyone as a threat and this causes a lot of friction with Byleth and the other students. Hubert has an innate talent for Lances, but also a particular predisposition to Reason which makes him particularly well versed in the use of black magic. For this reason we have promoted him to Dark Wizard and then to Warlock, although our goal is to train him in Horseback riding to make him a Dark Knight.

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Ferdinand von Aegir

One of the most important subplots of Fire Emblem: Three Houses concerns the influence of the noble houses and the conflict not only between them and the lower castes, but also between the nobles themselves. Ferdinand perfectly represents this conflict: he belongs to a house of ministers and unleashes his sense of inferiority by continually challenging Edelgard to a duel. Despite this, Ferdie is a funny guy and one of our favorite students. His natural talent for Armor unlocks exclusive abilities, although he is particularly suited to Riding and spear fighting, which make him a perfect knight: this is the path we have taken in our game, with the intention of promoting him to Paladin and Grand Knight.

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Linhardt von Hevring

Although he is the son of Count Hevring, Linhardt has no interest in nobility and political affairs, and this perhaps explains why he is Caspar’s best friend, who has a very different character from his. Linhardt is a sign automation enthusiast who prefers to spend time on books or napping. Being a pacifist, Linhardt – who has no particular innate skills – is especially inclined to the Faith and could even ask you to direct his studies in that direction only to become a Bishop. We have satisfied him and we must admit that he is truly an exceptional healer.

Caspar von Bergliez

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The ever-present hothead of the class, Caspar is an adorable brawler who just wants to get stronger and stronger. Despite being blue blooded, Caspar much prefers to get his hands dirty and is famous for putting so much effort into his workouts that he doesn’t look around and risk hitting his classmates too. Caspar does not have innate talents and therefore we insisted on his natural predisposition in the fight with Fists and with the Ax to promote him in the Fighter and Warrior classes and unlock the related upgrades that make him unstoppable on the battlefield.

Dorothea Arnault

Unlike the other Black Eagles, Dorothea is not of noble lineage: she is a plebeian who has made her way into society as a singer and stage actress. Thanks to her success, she managed to buy herself admission to the Garreg Mach monastery where she immediately made friends with the other students thanks to her sunny and spontaneous character. Constantly courted, Dorothea does not excel at any kind of weapon: she is more inclined to magic, so we have promoted her to Nun and trained in Faith and Reason with the aim of making her a charming Gremory.

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Petra Macneary

Petra is the granddaughter of the king of Brigid, a cluster of islets that act as a vassal state to the Aldrestian empire. Being a foreigner, she struggles to speak the language of her classmates, and therefore she expresses herself in an ungrammatical Italian, albeit much more correct than what we usually read on Facebook. Petra does not have innate skills but talking to her we discovered that she loves hunting and being outdoors: therefore we trained her to use the Bow and the Sword to promote her to Thief and then to the Assassin of the group. And now we have the agile character who opens doors and boxes for us without the need for keys.

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Bernadetta von Varley

To conclude, Bernadetta quickly became our favorite student. Shy, awkward and introverted, you will always find her locked in her room because she prefers to spend time reading and knitting rather than in her company. The protagonist of hilarious gags every time someone speaks to her, Bernadetta has an innate talent for equitation and is particularly skilled in archery: we made her become a deadly archer, also because it seemed sensible since she prefers always keep your distance.