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Firefox is updated for Macintel

Firefox is updated for Macintel

An update of this browser arrives, now with native support for Mac OS X on Intel.

Mozilla has released its new Universal binary of its popular Mozilla Firefox browser, with which it provides support for Mac OS X and its new Intel processors, as well as containing important improvements in the security aspect.

The new version of the browser is, and according to the Mozilla team it is described as “more secure and stable”, in addition to solving security problems and other bugs found.

“We have identified some serious bugs, and so we recommend updating to this new version as soon as possible,” said the Mozilla team.

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The new Firefox once again takes advantage of performance, with the new Intel chips assembled by Apple, which appeared earlier this year.

Mozilla did not give details about what problems it had solved with the release of this new version, but it is expected that they will be specified on the page created for this purpose.

Source: MacWorld