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Firefox vulnerable to password theft

Firefox vulnerable to password theft

A vulnerability in Mozilla’s browser makes it easy for criminals to steal user information on Internet sites where users create their own pages, such as MySpace and others.

The vulnerability is located in password management software, which can be tricked into sending the information to an attacker’s website. For this attack to work, it is only necessary to create an html form, which is allowed on this type of site.

The attack was used on MySpace this past October and was used by attackers to recover user passwords.

The Firefox developers determine that this vulnerability is critical and affects all versions of the software on all operating systems. The vulnerability was so obvious that it had not been discovered until now.

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Internet Explorer is also susceptible to this attack because, like Firefox, it does not ensure that password information is sent to the same server that requested it, although the chance of it “falling” for the trick is less because it does a better job of checking for it. where the password request comes before sending it automatically.

It is unknown if Safari is affected by the same issue.

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