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Flood of news Apple at NAB, the great fair of the audiovisual world

Flood of news Apple at NAB, the great fair of the audiovisual world

Apple has unveiled today at NAB in Las Vegas (USA) -the world’s largest fair dedicated to digital media- a whole repertoire of far-reaching novelties in the field of audiovisual creation.

Final Cut Pro HD

The first video editing software to offer real-time native HD DVCPRO editing and effects.

Finally, the beauty of HD high definition is combined with the simplicity of DV. This new version of Final Cut Pro allows you to capture HD DVCPRO over FireWire, edit using the native content recorded by the camera, and output the result via FireWire without any loss of quality due to new generation. RT Extreme, now applied to HD, can deliver multiple HD streams, effects, filters and transitions in real time to a connected Apple Cinema Display.

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Photos at http://www.apple.com/pr/photos/fcp/fcphd.html

DVD Studio Pro 3

Featuring revolutionary Alpha Transitions, Graphical View to visualize the entire flow of a project, and HD to MPEG-2 encoding.

DVD Studio Pro 3, the world’s most comprehensive and flexible DVD authoring package, gets even bigger. Featuring spectacular new transitions, superb HD to MPEG-2 encoding, new Graphic View, support for all professional audio formats – including DTS 5.1 surround sound – and integration with Final Cut Pro HD and Motion.

Photos at http://www.apple.com/pr/photos/dvdsp/dvdsp3.html

Motion, the animation of the future

A revolutionary new application that redefines animation, delivering stunning, professional-quality results quickly and intuitively like never before.

The only animation package with real-time preview, “behavior” animation that produces natural-looking results, and integration with Final Cut Pro HD, you can explore new creative territory using automated behavioral animation, character, and a powerful and innovative interface.

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Photos at http://www.apple.com/pr/photos/motion/motion.html

shake 3.5

Premiere of new “morphing” and “warping” tools for advanced composition and new special effects “shape shifting” of high quality.

The package chosen by the winning artists of the last Oscars for the best special effects, further enhances its capabilities. Shake 3.5 is now optimized for Power Mac G5 and Mac OS X, for all resolutions.

Photos at http://www.apple.com/pr/photos/shake/shake35.html

Xsan: file system for SAN storage networks

A complete, high-performance, enterprise-grade SAN (Storage Area Network) solution at an unbeatable price of €899 (plus VAT).

Xsan enables multiple computers to concurrently access terabytes of storage in Xserve RAID systems via high-speed Fiber Channel. Currently under development by Apple, Xsan is due out this fall. The beta version is now ready to download on the Apple website.

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Photos at http://www.apple.com/pr/photos/xsan/xsan.html

HD over FireWire

Panasonic and Apple offer HD over FireWire capabilities for desktop and portable editing, thanks to the new Panasonic AJ-HD1200A – the first HD production deck/VTR with a FireWire interface – and Final Cut Pro HD professional video editing software, which makes Massive use of HD resolution images on Power Mac desktops and PowerBook notebooks is possible.