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Fortnite Alien Samples – How To Get Them To The Corny Complex

Fortnite Alien Samples – How To Get Them To The Corny Complex

Do you want to know how to bring alien samples to Corny Complex? The epic challenges of week 9 are primarily about the use of Fortnite’s alien weapons, most notably the new Grab-itron, reconnaissance scanner, and railgun. It also uses devices found at IO satellite stations, but by far the most difficult task this week is bringing an alien sample from the satellite station’s antenna to an entrance to the Corny Complex.

While this epic challenge is the only one that requires you to find something on the map this week, there are also a ton of legendary challenges to complete – the one where you need to find a detector to disable the alien billboards is strikingly similar to this one. one. Other legendary challenges available include eliminating intruders, placing a bioscanner in an alien biome, and placing spy probes in specific locations.

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As we near the end of the current Fortnite season, completing the epic challenges is just as important as the legendary ones to gain the most experience possible for the battle pass. If you really want that Fortnite look of Rick from Rick and Morty, then completing challenges is the fastest way to get there, and we can help you by telling you how to complete this task.

Fortnite Alien Sample Locations

This epic challenge is two-part. Your first task is to find one of the alien samples on any of the Fortnite satellite stations. You will find the alien samples inside the chest at the base of the satellite dish. While you can find the alien samples at any of these bases, the trick here is to find one at a base that is closer to the Corny Complex than the others. This is to prevent other players from eliminating you before you get to the Corny Complex to drop it off.

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There are three viable bases where you can quickly transport the alien samples:

Fortnite Corny Complex Alien Sample Drop-off Locations

So you’ve collected the alien sample, but where are you going with it? Here are the two places where you can bring an alien sample from a satellite station antenna to the Corny Complex:

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You are free to tackle this however you want, but to complete this challenge in the fastest way, go to the IO satellite base west of Dirty Docks. Pick up the sample and then head northwest to the Corny Complex. If you are approaching from this direction, either jumping on the bounce pad at the base or running straight ahead, you should be able to see the ramp leading to the IO base. This is where the open chest is where you can place the alien sample.

And believe it or not, once you’ve delivered an alien sample to this location, your job is done. Today also sees the release of the latest batch of Fortnite alien artifacts that you need to unlock more Kymera styles, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their locations.

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